Self Reflection – Turning Inward


Self-Reflection – Turning Inward

By Judy Browne
We are currently experiencing fast change.

Most of us have become unsettled with the pressures of life that has quickly become a game of survival.

Unfortunately Life has become an elastic band ready to break.
Can you relate?
Have you been enjoying the flow of life then suddenly struck with fear anxiety or
This seems a common experience today. Life just cruises along then something breaks
to bring the hamster wheel back into play?
Who has time to take to the nearest mountain shouting I want Change help!
Often a situation or challenge will force us to open the                          
door to look inward for a new option but why wait for this to happen?
If you never break the cycle and imagine and work towards a different future, the negativity continues and you deny yourself the beauty and joy of a wonderful and self-accepting existence.
How can we break the pattern?
We focus on new ways of staying relaxed and  start looking at life from a non reactive way  staying neutral with our emotions . This doesn’t mean we shut down but when we focus on the positive we start acknowledging our truth and  this is a real situation we all face .  Yes we all have stories!
Firstly, congratulations on
acknowledging this is real.
*This is the first step towards surrender and freedom. Learning new ways of expressing how we feel without going into blame creates space for change. Looking at ways to trust it’s safe to be Authentic and it’s OK to be YOU while coming from a different place than before. This takes time and isn’t an overnight experience . Often emotions have been pushed down so this is coming form a different prospective that its safe to be me .
Taking NEW small steps each day brings fresh ways of doing  projects or daily tasks in a more relaxed and mind full way bringing daily focus confidence and purpose.
How to go within?
Going within allows new energy around trust again. A time to reflect the past,feeling into the feelings while intending to  feel and let it go . Meditation is an ancient technique used for stilling the overactive mind while releasing stories that keep running non-stop making it impossible to break the cycle.
When you trust and commit to being the witness of what’s real and what’s not you begin the cycle of
release letting go through breath and focus . This is a new place of knowing and a place of
awareness and stillness.
Your outlook changes to celebrate a deeper understanding while feeling more reassured and grounded . Becoming the witness gives you another technique of surrender which gives you a deeper connection to yourself and your own love.
 When we start Letting go of the Why’s – Over time  …….  the what if’s you start to feel a shift taking place that can be felt throughout the body..
 You will notice a change and New Awareness bringing subtle change  and enhanced relationships. This process strengthens your abilities for change and empowerment.
You then shift into receiving. This important process is different for everyone as we are all unique and have different journeys.
But the Outcome is always the same!
When the heart generates a feeling of deep joyous love and expansion, your
body-mind relaxes and is felt by others. Soon you will notice others
are coming to you bringing a new energy that gives increased
confidence and excitement. We are energy, energy is all around us
bringing us full circle alignment and connection. Are you ready to
step into full connection and explore your world of possibilities? Are
you ready for “New Possibilities Magnifying your Life” to something
even better?
If you are feeling  a “YES” and resonating with what you are reading  and you want more out of life come explore  the possibilities of YOU and allow me to help shine the light of who you really are with Channelled Wisdom and Guidance.
Leave me a message and lets chat .
Judy Anne Browne




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