Are you feeling the push with the current energies?

  1. Creating space in your life is one of the most important things you can do as we find ourselves giving into the business of what we feel is “expected” of us . This results in intense pressure and exhaustion and often not understanding why or even how it happened . It can happen to anyone of us. We take a vacation and we intend to keep this awesome feeling of joy then almost within the the first week we feel we are straight back in “IT”.

It being a word that describes what you don’t want and you start the cycle of the hamster wheel all over again!   Sigh …… we have all had enough of juggling all the work , family events that come into our life and often it is celebration time of Birthdays  and Weddings etc . I’m not talking about that but the other feelings of overwhelm and fear we won’t have enough time to complete the task at hand .Before you know where you are everything has piled up again . It’s happened to me as well and especially book work which always carries procrastination  and yep I’ll do it later !

Let me show you how to release yourself of all of the above and live with mostly EASE – Fullness which puts us in a different place out of the head and into our HEARTS and when we surrender our life takes a direction of FLOW and  Syncronicity .

Sounds good doesn’t it ? I have handed my life over to be Spirit – Led  and YES it took a while for me to trust that I would be safe and secure in the process . Let me tell you once you let go of control (huge for me ) life changes and it’s like you are on a vacation .

I have a 4 Week Webinar starting on Thursday November 3 @7.30pm. It will be done on conference , so phone or Internet and is available to you wherever you are in the world . • On registration you will be sent the details and the bonus audio of •Clearing your Field and Grounding tool which is in my shop . • Daily support as soon as you register as being placed in my Trinity Prayer Circle  will create a safe container as the journey begins. • On completion of our time together we will schedule a time for your Private Session done on Skype which will be 1 hour .

Looking forward to being spirit led while using Sacred Activation to support us all while receiving insights on navigating a New Beginning that you don’t have to take a break from .

* Head over to the shop and scroll down the page to make your payment if you are resonating with “its time I did something so I can be celebrating the new year “. Looking forward to spending time with you and joining our community .


Judy xx







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