A little about me, I am a heart and soul rebirthing consultant supporting women to deepen their heart connection like a blossoming of a rose.
I give support through the birthing process by creating a safe space for women to let go of the stories and what’s blocking their feminine essence.

As my mission statement says it all;

“Simplicity is the Visionary of the Heart”

So I have waited to share this experience which was so profound yet at the same time scary all in one!
My unconscious repressed fear was preventing me from manifesting my vision into reality.
I had no idea this journey would be so profound and life-changing!

My journey to the beautiful Island of Kauai to join friends who had recently purchased property on the island to create a Retreat for healing and transformation.
I was invited to join them just 1 week after they had a settlement. I was excited to support them with their move as it was a huge change in lifestyle for them.
Being on the island was breathtakingly beautiful with sunrises to sunsets I took time out to nurture and meditate, grounding in the garden and seeking pleasure amongst the tropical plants not forgetting the organic fruits.

I was in heaven from the time I landed and each day was healing at a transformational level just being on the island receiving Lemurian light codes for further up levelling and sharing with people I love and respect.

I’m remembering the day vividly it was the 11th day of my three-week stay we had been busy in the garden laughing and a visit to the dumpster decluttering the old to make space for the NEW.
What took place that night would change me deeply. I had a bath and felt wonderful dressed to go out for dinner when suddenly I slipped so fast and landed on my sacrum.
I had no time to support myself as it happened so quick.
I felt the jolt of pressure right through my body to the top of my head.

Like a miracle, the scans showed no breakages or fractures.
The pain, bruising and inflammation took me into a different world. All my deepest fears came rushing in how was I going to get back to Australia!

Ice packs became my best friend plus the medication for pain and inflammation. As a Wellness Consultant, I have never had to take medicines for any length of time. I could literally do nothing but rest and keep moving through walking even for short bursts. My priority was to listen to my body and allow it to heal and trust in the process. As a healer, I was deep in transformational processes releasing the pressure and pain and allowing the layers of old conditioning to be healed and transformed in the highest way possible with ease and grace.
The hardest part of all of this for me was to allow others to care for me as I’ve always been active. What this allowed me to do was to go deep into the stillness to receive the knowledge that was guiding the healing for recovery but also on a deep level of remembrance on a heart level. I was literally being forced to stop so I could reflect and connect to my wise and sacred woman within me.

This was profound on so many levels for me to share with others while being so vulnerable. I experienced a few days where I cried some big sobs out of desperation of being so dependent on others not forgetting I went from active to far less movement so when I saw my fingers going blue on my right hand one morning I was once again faced with the terror of being unwell and not healing quick enough. If you have experienced this you will understand staying positive can be a challenge. For me, this was a breakthrough day.

I decided after lengthy conversations with the family who were so supportive but surprised at the same who was this woman who seemed to have lost the plot! I stopped the medication and further committed to gentle exercise and promised my family if I was no better within 48 hours I would have an MRI.
The result for me was staggering I felt so much better without the pain medication, I had been taking way to long.
I wouldn’t suggest this for everyone but for me, it was in alignment. Never go off medication without consulting your practitioner.

The conclusion of my experience has been a deep awakening of myself, taking better care of what I had to do as a way of healing the emotional shock/woundings on my physical body. This process allowed me to shift to a place where I could further support women.

My mission and Vision of honouring and anchoring in the heart of the sacred woman.
For me being a leader in the wellness industry was for me to receive downloads while totally embracing and healing my woman on a deeper level.

I am very connected to the Lemurian light codes from the ancient civilisations where I hold great reverence and knowledge, gifts from past lifetimes.

I am further able to support both woman and men step into the balance of their true divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.
We have fallen into the fight-flight for survival in a very dominated and patriarchal way of the male carried through thousands of lifetimes.
It is time to create the change we want to see and bring in the anchoring of the divine feminine essence so we can all heal and revive our lives like never before honouring who we are as both men and woman.

If this resonates with you and you would like to go on a waiting list for my next Women’s Program or Retreat celebrating you as a woman please contact me. It is my intention to work with Women holding sacred space for spiritual rebirth allowing deeper love to the sacred self.
For me, this is “Honouring you and who you are in a different way”.
Remember you hold the Key,
“You are sacred”.

Written By,
Judy Anne Browne
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