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The Mind plays a major role in how we heal so does our genetic Ancestral family lineage DNA, we look at the family line of illness trauma injury to energetically re set for faster healing. I can work with you one on one or you can review some of my other offerings in my store.
If you have ever said ” There has to be more to Life than this”……
YOU are in the right place.
If you are wanting to speak OR BOOK an urgent appointment or just not sure what you should do, please make contact with me below using the contact form. CONNECT HERE
Take the initial step and Action and I will get back to you ASAP and let’s schedule a time to talk.

Have the ability to powerfully shift you in group setting. My shop houses many recordings that have been done at the peak time of the New Moon setting intentions to be launched. I have recently changed the monthly circles to now when we have gateway opening for higher expansion in the now energies. . I AM OFFERING A BUNDLE PRICE OR YOU CAN BUY A SINGLE SESSION FOR $36 or Bundle $50 Receive full clearings and big healings.

Click the link below to see the page that will explain what’s new and how you can get you from A – Z gracefully, all you have to do is be ready to avail yourself to a new journey that is safe and privacy is guaranteed.
When our own GPS NAVIGATION COMPASS takes you to the wrong places this create issues another way of saying I’m not attracting what I want and why is this? If you are feeling the ‘nudge’ for CHANGE and a fresh new approach of Intuitive MENTORING and Transformational healing then let’s Set Up a Free 30 min Discovery Session.

When we change our patterns and habits we see THE CHANGE AND POSSIBILITIES AVAILABLE
Mind Soul Wellness Alignment – Information
I have often been described as an “ENERGETIC DETECTIVE” looking at your hard drive like a computer we store all of the information that is SAVED – ARCHIVED – DELETED – STORED.
I am like your “Electrician” working Multi-Dimensionally so we can remove electrical shorts blocks pain FEAR that has an effect on the physical emotional and mental bodies.
I may receive Channeled information Light Language for you and what is necessary to shift what it is that is creating blockages etc.
Unplugging from COLLECTIVE WOUNDING is an important part of my work as world events affect us greatly being empaths sensitives
Disclaimer: I do not diagnose medical conditions. Please seek the advice of a Health care PROFESSIONAL. The work that I do compliments Western Medicine.


I was going through a stage in my life and questioning what it was really all about. There had to be more to life than this!
The work that we have done has been amazing. I feel a totally different person I am so much lighter, more positive and have clarity about what i am seeking.
There is no other way to describe it but after working with Judy, I’m buzzing, vibrating and so excited about everything.
Judy, I’m filled with gratitude that you have come into my life.”

– Marguerite McKeown
Since working with Judy, I have noticed a big change in myself. Not only do I feel clearer and lighter with her clearing my field , I now have more clarity in my life’s big decisions. The activation’s that Judy has used for me have opened my heart and accelerated both my businesses .
I am now able to connect authentically with myself which enables me to be free to be who I AM. The activation’s have opened me up to attracting new friendships that are vibrating on a higher level and we are able to celebrate my success stories but also I AM able to celebrate theirs. I AM so happy since my sessions with Judy. She completely gets how I feel and this made it easier to feel relaxed and at ease through the process.
If you are feeling stuck, take that next step and give Judy a call. I AM in gratitude and appreciation for what Judy has done for me.”

– Jo Vidich
My first ever session with Judy was the beginning of transformational experiences.
The first time i visited Judy’s studio I walked in feeling completely beaten and overwhelmed. I didn’t understand why I had to see her, but I knew I had to trust that little something inside me that said to go.
Feeling tired, sore, and quite bereft of vitality.
What happened next was astounding. My thoughts where changing right there. Mental and emotion burdens I had carried for many years began to dissolve. The way I experienced it was like this;- thoughts and feelings that usually came to me daily and hourly, draining me of energy and filling my psyche with fear and self-doubt, now they had absolutely no power.
Those thoughts, those feelings, those false beliefs that were eroding my life had been with me for so many years were going, going, gone. Just gone. I can’t explain it. The effects where immediate for me.
I have had several more visits with Judy and her team and each time it has be equally as powerful with its own amazing consequence and stories therein. I am very grateful to you.”
– Lainie

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