Hello Beautiful Soul ,

Yes you are beautiful on all levels of your existence.

We often lose this connection with the stresses of life family career finances it is a juggling act to keep it all together so balance is the key to feeling your beauty of your Soul Presence.

Your Soul has a plan for you but you have no manual no recipe so it is about life’s experiences and what you deem as bad and what we can see as growth.

The past few years have been a chance to grow as we ravel through fear and uncertainty as the OLD dismantles  and we see the opportunity to do some inner work.

Their are no spiritual by- passing you can if you want but it will not be the growth that is permanent and filling your cup with the essence of soul.

Being busy is a way of staying distracted and not wanting to take action.

We are just days away from the Summer / Winter Solstice depending where you are on the globe.

A time of purging what’s filling your life with outdated “things”   ……

Now Imagine your wardrobe is full of old clothes this is a  metaphor for the old program systems.

If you never update you start to feel flat tired and bored this is why self development affects every area of our lives.


What I am offering NOW


December 21 Up Grade Meditation receive the highest diamond codes of Light to bring you further into Soul Presence

This will be done distantly your name is included.

Time will be sent out tomorrow

Cost $35 Bank Transfer

With full Replay 1 hour

Last Night I released another Holiday Package 2 at an amazing SALE price $48.88 for 6 meditations and meditation calls

Carefully selected for me by my Team. I listened to each one to validate the selection!

I was not disappointed 🙂


Sending Calm as the days fly by to get preparations done for Christmas if you celebrate or family get togethers  and holidays.

Judy Browne

Mind Soul Wellness


Reach out on the contact page form for details for the UPGRADE MEDITATION WITH REPLAY



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