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We all seem to be feeling the pull of the current World that’s playing out every time we listen to news and on social media. It hard not to be sucked into the fear of what’s happening and how it’s going to impact on us and individually.
We become affected even though we don’t think we are.

I had an experience a few weeks ago ,  I just felt off and not myself. I did however realise after that  what I was feeling did not belong to me  and that of the collective consciousness  that I had been dragged into through current affairs of the world.

As I work Multi – Dimensionally  and a Spiritual Mentor  – Healer of Transformation  I am able to shift 1000’s of old core beliefs and releasing you from these old energies that hold us back.

I’m super excited what will come through as being Spirit – Led I know it will be powerful and in the full moon phase, so perfect timing with the LOVE wave energy that is sweeping the planet
• Sacred Activations will be scanned for the group
• You will receive a bonus Audio of Clearing your field and Grounding.
• Receive daily energy to support you.
• Schedule a private 1 hour Session with me all Inclusive   with this expansive webinar .
• Create a life that you don’t have to take a holiday from feeling relaxed and more carefree.
•  Learn how to “Call in your team to support you” every day to maximise your abilities.
• Allow me to lead the way for you to step into :

New Beginnings.

Are you ready to take that next STEP to say YES?
Head over to my Store and scroll down 6to see all the details of how you can register and when this events starts. you can also contact me for more details.
Im excited and hope to see you on the webinar.

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