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Judy Browne | Mind Soul Wellness | Are You Struggling or Living Receive Transformational Healings Distantly Supporting YOUApril  the month of connection and Unity likened like a river stream  in flow  with the journey ahead of day by day navigating new choices and ways of doing things that bring more joy connection and ease to your life.

Gone (we hope) are the days of ok this is what I heard the blood sweat and tears to prove a point or make your way to the top of the ladder in your career your family this is an interesting one some families still run on the old patriarchal system of do it my way or pay the price of abuse  / control of the “Narcissists” behaviour that can often be underhanded and full of not ever knowing which way the wind will blow.

On my ongoing study of Narcissists they are oblivious at times at the train wreck they constantly creating.

Why because they believe In their on  own lies and their is nothing wrong with them, it is everyone else that is at fault.

It is difficult to navigate these people who deep down are heavily wounded and in despair.

Of course they can change  …..

but like everything to change is to  first acknowledge the issue.

A person with these traits   ( to change) has to have an awareness not to  Re-Offend  to seek new change that will last, instead of walking away. This takes courage this takes commitments to self and others 🙏

I’m interested now as my note  unfolds on this topic to you  as it was not to talk about Narcissists but to be aware of choices we make.

🤍 You may just have read this and thought this is what I needed to hear today.

In truth you may just take charge of what you may have been afraid to do  just reading this Light encoded message and this is to empower yourself  to grow to make life changes that will support you.

***** Judy Browne | Mind Soul Wellness | Are You Struggling or Living Receive Transformational Healings Distantly Supporting YOUThis is the part I was going to share how I was caught up in an old program  I was holding onto when dealing with Microsoft a few days ago. I have a new Laptop and my Microsoft word would not install.

I took the time to call and some 2 hours later after being bumped off the call was connected to someone in sales. He said oh you have a NEW Apple laptop they are sensitive and won’t run the OLD hardware!

**  BINGO!!!!

This was a lightening flash for me as the Mind is going through the same Re alignment to hold more light and the old will no longer work in the NEW.

What a metaphor!

I quickly invested in the new product this was also outstanding for me at the time of payment I felt instant relief that this decision and wise words had such an  impact and immense relief of changes I could feel.

I had a choice but I was partly still operating in the old hardware system programming.

This for me was energising in all ways.

The Prayer Circle Offers this to you for the fraction of the cost of mentoring because you receive daily.

I am still in awe of this mornings prayer circle and what came through for each family person and soul coming together to clear heal soothe and transform. 🙏

Whatever you feel with reading my words and message today from me to you one tiny part will touch you in remembering to invest in yourself in a way that supports your growth and evolution.

I Love You – You Are important to me.

*****  The doors are open to Support life Changes with daily transformational  clearings and healings.

The Link is below

“We” My Team and I would be honoured if you joined us for 30 days to up lift and support you through April.

Loving Blessings Always

Judy Browne

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