Creating space in your life is one of the most important things you can do as we find ourselves giving into the business of what we feel is “expected” of us . This results in intense pressure and exhaustion and often not understanding why or even how it happened . It can happen to anyone of us. We take a vacation and we intend to keep this awesome feeling of joy then almost within the the first week we feel we are straight back in “IT”.

It being a word that describes what you don’t want and you start the cycle of the hamster wheel all over again!   Sigh …… we have all had enough of juggling all the work , family events that come into our life and often it is celebration time of Birthdays  and Weddings etc . I’m not talking about that but the other feelings of overwhelm and fear we won’t have enough time to complete the task at hand .Before you know where you are everything has piled up again . It’s happened to me as well and especially book work which always carries procrastination  and yep I’ll do it later !


We become affected even though we don’t think we are .  I had an experience a few weeks ago ever I just felt off and not myself . I did however realise after a few hours that it wasn’t mine and that of the collective consciousness  that I had been dragged into . As I work with high frequencies and being a helper / mentor / healer of transformation I have to stay on top of this as I want to help people .
img_1542I am holding a Webinar of 4 weeks starting November 3@7.30pm . It will be a call or you can use the internet to be part of this group I am creating . I’m super excited what will come through as being Spirit – Led I know it will be powerful and in the full moon phase , so perfect timing with the LOVE wave energy that is sweeping the planet . •Sacred Activation’s will be scanned for the group .•You will receive a bonus Audio of Clearing g your field and Grounding. • Receive daily energy to support you • Schedule a private 1 hour session with me all inclusive  with this expansive webinar .

• Create a life that you don’t have to take a holiday from ! • Call in your team to support you on your journey • Allow me to lead the way for you to step into New Beginnings.

? Are you ready to say YES

?Head over to my Store and scroll down and you will see payment details and some more information.

?So looking forward to what takes place during our time together . Much Love Judy xxx

Did you know smiling acts like an anti depressant ?

Much meaning in these words of turning back on the light for happiness as we navigate feelings emotions and sometimes events that can throw us into overwhelm when things in our life are just not right and are out of alignment with what really want . I’m hearing a lot of fall out .
We are all in this community / space together and together we can be in the flow of what we are seeking .
Nurturing our self is  the first step and smudging the home and self with white sage , salt baths , meditation/ breath work , start with 11 minutes a day this will start the process of setting a positive intention to start your day .
❤️As we change it has a rippling effect out to others in the home and all you come in contact with . We are all connected .
You then become a magnet of opportunity as you connect back to your heart .
Start today
Self care
* Light a candle of intention
* Sit quiet connect to your own wisdom/ higher self / higher / intelligence / God
( your choice of wording here )
* Breathe and connect to you Heart
*Focus on where you are feeling stress
*Breathe in to this area deeply and intend to release and heal what it is ask  that feels uncomfortable .
*Ask for your love to be fully connected so you can be in your own light of vitality , peace and wisdom and compassion .
*Use your words and you will soon establish a flow so you can start a simple morning process .
?Hope is a wonderful emotion
Never give up
I love you ❤️️xx