Mastering Me – your journey of self-discovery and self-healing! 

Self-discovery, heart healing and energy work are so important if you wish to truly be happy!

If you’re currently dealing with the lasting affects of trauma, sadness, toxic relationships and feeling disconnected to yourself, the earth, your family and friends – then you will know how lonely the path to happiness can be.

You can feel stuck, going through the motions of life but never really enjoying yourself, even feeling as though ‘this is the best it will ever be.’

I want to tell you – there is another option. Let me help you by working with you in my Mastering Me course.



If you often feel yourself thinking:

·      I feel so held back

·      I’m so tired all of the time

·      I wish I could move past this

·      I want to be happier

·      I feel sad and heavy in my heart

·      I’m disconnected from myself and the world

·      My mind, body and soul is out of balance

But you really want to be thinking:

·      I feel strong and powerful

·      I am ready to show the world my authentic and vibrant self

·      I have learnt how to heal and support myself

·      I love myself

·      I have forgiven myself for my past pains

·      I feel light and joyful

·      I’m super connected to the earth, myself and my purpose

·      I’m on track to my most brilliant year and the future looks good!

Then the unique “Mastering Me” course is for you.

It’s a balanced, intentionally designed course to bring your emotional, mental, physical and sacred minds together so you are living, breathing and experiencing more harmony and happiness than ever before.

Another massive leap forward you will gain from the sacred activations of this course is the ability to love, nurture and heal your sacred heart.

Your heart is yours. Your past pain is yours. Your healing comes from within you – and the sacred activations present in the 7 Mastering Me modules gives you the power to do just that.

Through “Mastering Me” you will be called to step into the next, best version of yourself by using the powerful energetic tools and high energy frequencies that you will receive

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Why do I offer this course? 

Through my own personal journey of self-discovery, using sacred activations, meditations and tools found in the very modules of this course, I am now incredibly blessed to share this powerful work with you.

Think of me as the wise woman, the healer, the teacher and mentor you’ve been looking for to help you on this journey. This is my calling, this is my passion and through the sacred activations I can help you right now.

I believe the only way we can truly be happy is to understand ourselves, what’s holding us back, what we need to move past, learn the tools to do so and live each day as a better, more vibrant version of ourselves. That’s the basis for this Mastering Me course.

I have other courses and meditations and mentoring available, however Mastering Me is the cornerstone to any future work as it deals with the most personal of relationships – the relationship with yourself…and once you ‘Master’ that, the world opens up for you in amazing ways.

So if you’re SO READY to let go of that ‘stuck’ feeling and truly align yourself to your greater destiny, take this course right now.


What’s included in the course:

·      10 Hours of audio content designed to help you move towards your future

·      7 Modules including Sacred Activations

·      Prayers for manifestation of your desires

·      Powerful energy clearing tools

·      Connection to Gaia to help with your self healing

·      Grounding tools plus so much more!

·      BONUS Skype Session (Valued at over $300)

·      Ongoing learning and development (Monthly Heart Healing News)

What you gain from this course will stay with you forever, and the audio files are yours to use again and again on your path to complete happiness.

If you’re ready to take the leap you need and really remember and rediscover who you are, begin the Mastering Me course today!

Here’s a snap shot of your Mastering Me experience (these modules are best completed prior to your powerful 90 minute skype session with me): 

    • Module 1  – We will be looking at the mind and  the mental aspects of what is holding us back.

      • What’s stopping or blocking me?   Is it Money, Leadership, Relationships  or Career ?
      • We were born to be brilliant, funny, unique and have great communication skills ?
      • This is a journey of Self Discovery.

      Module 2  – Emotional  stories,  how do our emotions kill our pleasure. Oops that what I heard!

      • Our Organs and Cells take on our stories so we will look at
      • LUNGS and not being able to breathe in Peace with ease and simplicity .
      • Healing the Inner Child – Body Armor – Weight  Fear of   what you don’t want to see washed away with love clarity
      • Eyes – Pain Digestion and organ rejuvenation
      • Age Reversal
      • Hormones are for sure and much more.

      Module 3   – Physical that means Health

      • Weight, Firming Up
      • Beauty  and Owning Self Love .
      • Being Authentic. and being  Confident  and VIBRANT .
      • Full Balancing yin and yang, Divine Masculine –  Divine Feminine allowing you to be more in love with you and life.

      Module 4   –  Environment YES Electro – Magnetic Frequencies to be cleared from you this is a must for today as we use so much technology it is all around US!

      • I feel this is a big clearing of toxins in the body including parasites and people outside of us that drain us  and zap our energy. Have you noticed how you feel drained by certain people?
      • Completing this with Protection, Planetary Alignment and Grounding.

      Module 5 – LOVE  – Sacred Heart.  We become wounded and  our heart closes down.

      • Walking through the gates of heaven while being here in the NOW. Wow this was amazing!  
      • Spiritual Wealth Angel Power 
      • Prayer for Manifestation.

      Module 6  – Sacred Space  and  tapping into Spiritual aspects of who we are, transversing  the higher realms of consciousness… this is very exciting.

      • Sacred Blue Print
      • Sacred Power
      • Illumination
      • Original light language
      • Star Gate – ALCHEMY of 4th  dimension
      • Full connection to Gaia  – Mother Earth Nurturing – Grounding Beautiful Module of high frequencies of LOVE , PEACE   and CALM
      • Each Module builds on the next.
      • Do each module in Order the first time then re listen and be  guided intuitively . It will be different each time  you listen and you will hear and go deeper with each journey. 

      Module 7  – Money become a Magnet for Wealth and Prosperity.  Releasing of the old stories and  clearing the fear and resistance of having and getting money. Sounds strange but we can have programs/ that block our pathway to WEALTH MASTERY.

      • Receive NEW Magnetic Scripts that will support you.
      • Release playing it small so you can be the Master of your own financial Destiny and Life.
      • Attracting money is closely linked to our values and self-love and that’s the reason I have left this module last.
      • RE Listen over and over as we have many patterns both now and  from the Past and the unplugging from group Consciousness and how society views money is huge .
      • Grounding is also super important as you cannot manifest financial Prosperity if you are not grounded and present in your body and ready for receiving.

      Summary of all of the modules: You have a wealth of energetic tools in this course. In total over 10 hours of energy frequencies that will work its magic on you and bring you back to full vitality on all levels and a deeper love of self which is where it all takes us.


      BONUS – Powerful 90 minute skype session

      This session is really incredible and I am honoured and blessed each time I enjoy a session like this with a client and new friend!

      The reason for the skype session is to really expand on all your learning from the 7 modules and uncover any blockages existing on your path to happiness.

      Most clients walk away from our skype session feeling lighter, brighter, more sure of themselves and the path they are on to self mastery – which is what this course is all about!

      The best way to use the skype session is to take notes of your thoughts and behaviours during the 7 modules so you can ask me any questions, expand on any of the learning or techniques you’ve just experienced in the modules and really get a great push into the next stage of your personal development. Valued at over $300 this is a very special part of the Mastering Me program.


      Enrol now in Mastering Me


      Mastering Me has been designed just for you – and if you are so called to discover more about what makes you happy, how you can live into your best and most content self, heal past pain and let this year be the year you transform into the beautiful version of yourself know exits, then I urge you to take this course now because I know just how much it can do for you!