Indulge in this opportunity over the holiday season to go deep with this home study audio meditation course where you will heal  and go deep into relaxation.

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Here is a brief overview of the six weeks which is for 1.5 hours each week.

Week 1

deep clearing of the field calling in your higher self and my  team of the highest light to work on us all individually.  I have always asked your higher self to be in  charge of what takes place for YOU as your higher self knows you better than anyone thus the clearing is exactly what you need each time you listen.  All you have to do is get out of the way and surrender over whats not supporting you at this time while being in a field that has been set up with protection , support and loving space.
The Moses code Sacred Activation is received and these activates the tree of life.  Grounding.

Week 2

This week is about releasing the denser energies  of our shadow side / old programs that hold us back.  Clearing and setting intention to create Sacred Space.  Calling in the frequencies of I AM LOVE – I AM LIGHT – I AM GRATITUDE
Sacred Activation received  Family Constellation releases us from anger judgement guilt hatred towards family. It gives us a true know of what it feels like to know a family’s love – UNITY. I often hear of amazing shifts in family dynamics after this activation.
Grounding – Closing the field.

Week 3

This week is all about surrender and clearing your field and activating your I AM PRESENCE or your HIGHER INTELLIGENCE.  Very big clearings of trauma or anything draining your energy.
Receiving the Sacred Activation: Are you a Martyr which is all about putting everyone first and you last then feeling resentful that we ate so exhausted and let down with what we feel we have to do to support others? This is a genetic time bomb handing it down from generation to generation. Past lives and unplugging us from group consciousness of the judgment and suffering. Also receiving another activation the Universal Life Grid which puts like a net of protection around you and if you are very sensitive – empath this will stop the voices you may here. 15 min meditation + grounding.

Week 4

This week more focus on connecting to your Higher Self and tools to raise your level of  awareness . Clearing your field and setting up sacred space  to support you receiving codes and frequencies to up level your your 12 levels of consciousness
Meditation and receiving the Sacred Activation of Human Suffering – Human Power.  Some of us hold the program the more suffering the quicker  we shift or we have to suffer to learn.  You will be unplugged from all of this to receive empowerment and for you to step into who you really are.  Very powerful week !  Calling in the Divine Feminine Divinne Masculine and surrendering to your own inner wisdom.  Meditation 20 min Grounding – Closing your field.

Week 5

Setting your intention for sacred space , clearing your field and breath work to help you meditate for longer and to go deeper .  This week is about going into the higher realms so letting go – surrender – forgive .  Meditation 15 min and receiving two Sacred Activations  Moses Code  Flower of Life  – mental clarity rejuvenation. Illumination – Accessing the Akashic records it activates and allows you to understand who you really are.  You may see past lives and future lives . GROUNDING and being nurtured in mother earth Gaia and receiving what loving and nurturing feels like being given unconditionally to support you and your journey.

Week 6

As we are accessing higher frequencies I talk about symptoms of up-leveling and how to manage with self nurture – massage – rest  and much more.

    • Celebrating you in this last week we have learn’t many tools and received many activations.
    • Clearing your field and activating your I AM PRESENCE.
    • Calling in  the highest beings I work with —  Christ Consciousness template of Light , Melkizadeck, St Germain, Metatron, Source energy to name a few.  Using the breathing techniques and going much deeper on this last week and bringing in a protective shield of light made of codes and high frequencies to support you. Meditation 15 min and receiving the Sacred Activation of getting into  the vortex of creation for manifesting.  Grounding and closing the field.  A very powerful week!

By claiming this course you are receiving over 9 hours of energetic upgrades tools and guidance.

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