During a healing session I work on the 7th Plane connection with Creator, Masters, Angelic realm and the Christ Consciousness Template of Light –  Sacred Activations. Often it will be a combination of all but it will always be GUIDED fully by your Higher Self.

We always start with what  has brought you to having a session. Taking the time for us to see  what’s happening,  as very often we aren’t able to be truly authentic with what’s really going on behind the “whats happening” and how you’re feeling.  I will send  a client questionnaire for you to fill out and bring with you so we can trace what’s really going on.

If you are having a Skype you will email me your Questionnaire.

I’m like a detective,  I work very Multi-Dimensionally so we will find the cause that is often not yours or is perhaps family related which takes us into your time lines to clear and release your ancestral lineage.

I often receive Channeled information for you and what is necessary to shift what it is that is creating stuckness and blockages  (this is not a reading but info may come through for you).

Unplugging you from group Consciousness is a major part of my work as  world events affect us greatly. Grounding and anchoring you in the here and now is so important for you to be your very best in Prosperity – Abundance and Manifestation of your Heart desires.

Some people benefit greatly from just having a safe space to be able to simply talk honestly about what is happening or the issue which has been locked away or the secret that is causing pain in the body. This often becomes like those  same stories that are on a repeat loop, exhaustion, feeling crushed, depression and much more. Just having someone listen to you is a  big part of the healing process, as often we don’t feel we are able to speak openly in our truth. The healing starts as soon as you book your appointment  often the  process will begin  subtly, it is all about commitment and intention and each Session is always guided by what your Higher Self communicates with me.

What I have come to see is that through our life challenges and woundings we often become disconnected from our  Higher Self / Our Purpose . Without this connection we will always  ask others what we should do as we feel  blocked , confused lacking trust  and can’t decide !!!  Once we establish full connection to your higher Self , your own LOVE  this is when you are in Alignment with who you , bringing you vitality , passion ,  confidence and clarity of  what  your TRUE Purpose  is and what you are really wanting to do and create… very exciting when I can see and feel the shift in your energy after you have had a full clearing and realignment of who you truly are ,  words cannot describe the adventure we have often had on our journey together.