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Only Beauty

It gives me great pleasure to share the first poem that was written with pure heart by a dear friend of mine Glenis Turnley.
Allow yourself to drink in the beautiful words that are infused with energy. As we are all on lockdown this is a perfect way to stay positive and only see the the beauty in all you do and see. This is the first step in change and creating the new.

Blessings to you on this day to begin A NEW,
Judy Browne

Judy Browne | Mind Soul Wellness | Only Beauty

Only See The Beauty

Judy Browne | Mind Soul Wellness | Only Beauty

With one short burst of laughter
The Kookaburra heralds the awakening dawn.
It breaks through the silence of the night
To alert us we are awake and alive.

Consecrate the beauty of this moment
It is a gift,
Welcome it with an open heart.

Listen to the silence again
And hear the stirring of life.
The quiet birdsong begins
Uplifting, inspiring.
Embraced by the light
Enfolding peace
Small Graces of Love.

Held in the palm of Gods hand

Author Glenis Turnley

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