This is a journey to fully Activate your Temple of Light and the HIEROS GAMOS SACRED MARRIAGE between the union of the Divine Feminine Divine Masculine.

A power house of love and divine sovereign unique and highly activated transmission within the Lemurian Crystal Chamber where you receive the golden opening within the crystalline healing bed cleansing deeply embedded cordings from relationships, friends work mates and situations where you have felt disappointed let down discredited.

Perfectionism creating lasting triggers that can keep you trapped in a world of illusion about yourself and your ability to succeed.


I share about a young girl who had an experience around a friendship that busted up she felt bewildered and sad. It is always painful for all concerned when this takes place. So through sharing and listening my channel stepped in and we were able to bring in valuable understanding and why.


This audio is a tool you will continually use to clear and heal friendships through this healing modality that is NEW highly activated with a new prospective of what’s taken place. You have nothing to do but set your intention then the Angels will start the process within the Christed Light Mary Magdalene Jesus Quan Yin Mother Mary Ascended Masters Guided and Star Family Collective


This is a journey to fully Activate your Temple of Light and the HIEROS GAMOS SACRED MARRIAGE between the union od Feminine Divine Masculine as a power house of love and divine sovereignty
Judy Browne
Mind Soul Wellness

Review From: Jennifer Peacock 

Review for Temple of light Activation

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Review from Jennifer Peacock  I throughly enjoyed listening to the Temple of light Activation using the Crystaline Healing Chamber. 

Judy’s channeled sessions help me to realign and let go and refocus on my priorities. They help remind me I am loved deeply and supported in times where I am busy and need nurturing, clearing  and clarity. I find them extremely helpful and feel so grateful to know such an amazing heart centered healer who I have known for over 15years. 

Judy inspires me to be the best person I can possibly be and her work has continued to evolve and grow in wisdom. Thankyou for everything you have done for me. Love and blessings Jennifer Peacock. ❤️🌹






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