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Home Study Self Healing Progra
Only 1 to 5% of our lives are run by our conscious mind, but 95% to 99% of our lives are run by our subconscious, which is pure programming. This includes:
*Learned Genetic programing – DNA – Ancestral lines
*Karmic programs from past lives
*And programming picked up from the Collective Consciousness
*Collective Consciousness programs include Disease
*Fear – Struggle to survive
*Powerlessness and Low Self EsteemWhat is the OUTCOME :
A shift in Prosperity Awareness creating Cash flow
Authentic Relationships that are more loving
Vitality improved Health and Happiness
Improve Psychic Abilities
Remove Addiction


Are you ready to Heal Yourself and Increase Awareness?

  • Home Study Self Healing Program through this program the energy is embedded into the 4 Audios you will have forever to go back and re engage going deeper with each listen . Class feed back below is very positive with shifts of Transformation with each person!
  • Experience the Golden Seals 
  • Training you will learn how to work with the 26 Sacred Activation’s on yourself to clear limiting programs from your subconscious mind, disconnect yourself from collective consciousness beliefs, and awaken yourself to your own true Power, Love and Purpose.
  • Only 1 to 5% of our lives are run by our conscious mind, but 95% to 99% of our lives are run by our subconscious, which is pure programming.
  • This includes Learned Genetic programming  – DNA – Ancestral lines
  • Karmic programs from past lives
  • And programming picked up from the Collective Consciousness
  • Collective Consciousness programs include Disease
  • Fear – Struggle to survive
  • *Powerlessness and Low Self Esteem



EACH UNIQUE Sacred Activation activates your Sacred Geometry and pulls you out of:

Collective Consciousness
Genetic Consciousness
Religious Consciousness
Group Consciousness

Release 1000’s of old beliefs Triggers and Belief systems using SACRED ACTIVATION’S that keep you from being in your Awesomeness and not achieving those intentions of what your Life should look like.
Sacred Activation’s have the potential in Removing old family fears and genetic blocks that keep you in suffering or lack or not enough that keeps you feeling limited .

Personal Use:

The course is for those who are keen to have extra tools for personal use with deep healing taking place over the hours we will be spending together.



Thank you for this amazing class This was the most incredible , moving healing class I have ever attended. It has helped me on so many levels I can’t put it into words how expanded and in love with life I feel. I experienced so many shifts and dropped so much baggage! Truly it is a gift from above that I will be able to use these activations for the rest of my life. This is only the beginning and I cannot wait to move into the more advanced class as I have received so much, I feel nothing but incredible gratitude and love for you and all that you do Judy. Thank you, thank you, thank you
– MH

The benefits of this class was being with like minded people wanting to embrace heart healing and awakening . I now feel more able to reconnect to myself so much better and a feeling of peace is now with me. I feel more open to the future and have a knowing I can change what is no longer working to a happier and brighter life. I am now able to help myself move forward using the Sacred Activations
– KM


I have found this class has brought back my radiance and helped me re balance myself and activate my energy once again. I have more awareness and acceptance of my surroundings and feel a deep feeling of peace within me. It’s been a safe space in a beautiful environment guided by amazing teacher. A day of peaceful loving energy. I feel lighter! Thank you so much Judy
– C J


4 reviews for Sacred Activation Self Healing Series

  1. Mellie

    Judy accidentally hit 3 stars for wat was meant to be 5 star rating as it was an amazing workshop :relaxed: :heart: Mellie

  2. Carmelina P.

    Hi Judy I have been listening to the Masterclass call and have noticed feeling more mindful and present.. This has helped me be more aware of how best I can be there for others as well as myself and not to get stuck in the worry or overly concerned. I am most grateful for this as news and stresses surrounding the Corona Virus increase with each day xx

  3. Bianca

    Just want to let you know that I am playing your Masterclass non stop! I feel more at ease with everything going on around us. Playing it on silent to support my family
    Sending lots of love :purple_heart:

  4. ddorazio71

    Judy’s stuff is always relevant.
    Definitely recommend

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