A big subject Financial Independence is  a powerful meditation tool to shift old beliefs and fear around money. We carry the gene of money from our ancestral and genetic line on both mum and dads side. We can become trapped in what took place within the childhood family home and what our parents showed and taught us about finances and money.

Our parents just like us did the very best they could to bring the best life at all times

The energetic transmissions will remove the old to make way and fast track money and it’s energy.

Money has the energy of love , the value you resonate  with is the same as self love and how we value ourselves.

We often see money as the biggest let down and disappointment in history!

If you agree this is what we will be clearing and removing limitations of victim hood known and unknown and much more.

You will shift quickly

Positive mindset is priority

Gratitude and thanking the Universe is your new daily prayer and intention.

In Love and manifesting fast and abundantly.

May this be yours.


Judy Browne 💰💰💰


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