• Is it time to let go of your child hood trauma or story while being held in love and supported.
  • Your little child carried the burdens of the past
  • Heal and allow the new to transform you and your life
  • A beautiful healing that will allow you to really connect deeply and powerfully within to your little child within.
  • We have all come in with different stories events feelings and emotions and this will take you deep deep into the wounding and sacrifices you thought were true and correct at the time and maybe they were and maybe not.
  • You see if we put 10 people in a room and an event takes place every person will have a different take on what took place.
  • You are unique and we delve into how you were received so much healing and forgiveness takes place.
  • Nothing to do and nowhere to go but to relax and trust in the sacred space where you are held in love and reverence.
  • Everyone could benefit in healing your little child that often does not feel safe or secure in the now so you as an adult are being held back to keep you from making a mistake just in case.

I highly recommenced this audio.



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