• “This is a big subject but one that can change your life. 
  •  Receive a Re Set blood line DNA activation before we enter the healing chamber.
  • The energy shifted  to one of freedom and joy.
  • Big releasing  dark shadow  parts of self locked away because of trauma.
  • See and feel lighter and experiencing joy  joy  joy
  • “This is a big subject big feelings so we went deep within the new healing chamber to give permission to have a full realignment of trust and discernment.”
  • The family blood line receives the change taking this energy through your ancestral line both on mum and dads side of the family. We received a blood line DNA activation before we entered the chamber.
  • The energy shifted you will hear it in my voice it felt happier and free of judgement.
  • We worked with releasing your shadow aspects of yourself you have shut away and hidden all healing through a powerful transmission
  • A  powerful deepening tool and was recommended to listen at least 10 times to anchor just because it’s such a big subject.

My intention is you are already complete but some will have to do the work.
You will know so trust your guidance.




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