Alchemy Of Soul

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  • The New Ultimate Clearings and Embracing Soul Alchemy Transmissions
  • Channelled to support you and your children
  • Activate your Soul Song
  • Connect to your Soul
  • Time to Ask those important questions
  • Solutions revealed
  • Feel calm and relaxed during the journey
  • Safe space set up so you can sleep deeper than before without disturbance
  • Raise your vibration and connection to be more Love and Acceptance
  • Grounding
  • The New Ultimate Clearings and Embracing Soul Alchemy Transmissions
  • Channelled messages and time to seek answers from your higher state of consciousness in the purest sense
  • Hold the key to your Evolution – Your Love – Your Creation – Your Mission
  • Empaths Sensitives this will support your journey to be more light but most importantly hold the light fully present and grounded
  • We are being fast tracked to be of service in whatever way you choose big or small you are important
  • Journey this meditation following my words that are deeply connected to Source and my team of Light
  • Big clearings of dark energy and false light and much more
  • Purging the soul of all time lines running through your multi dimensional aspects of who you are on all levels
  • Be embraced by your soul wisdom and guidance
  • 40 minutes of journey in sacred space

Music – indie Music Box – One With the Universe



2 reviews for Alchemy Of Soul

  1. Feeling deeply healed and balanced

    I have worked with Judy for almost 2 years. A precious soul that is to enlighten with Truth no matter the consequences for Inner reality.
    She doesn’t guess she speaks from the energy within.
    The Universe uses Judy to empower the light within and to transform the human spirit beyond our intellectual thoughts
    . I have encountered so many personal obstacles and never believed nor thought possible the outcomes Judy has shared through her wisdom and lessons until they manifested rapidly applying my application of the principles.
    Judy has a unique blessing from The Universe.
    Her connection is not with you but the Spirit that that rests within you.
    Her nurturing light can be an incredible immeasurable encounter that is life transforming.

  2. Bianca

    Thank you, my listens to alchemy of soul every night to fall asleep! He is an Empath and this meditation allows him to feel safe and protected.
    No more bad dreams or visitations so as a mum I’m so happy. Thanks Judy for sharing your gifts with us 🙏

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