Metatreiya Goddess _ Feminne Healing

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The Divine healing with the Sacred Feminine Goddess Metatatreya who works with Metatron.

  • This 1 hour Session
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Addiction
  • Children requiring support or issues of being bullied – targeted at school
  • Medical issues that have not been detected through traditional means
  •  Infertility / Miscarriage

You will receive an email to schedule your appointment

This Healing will be active for as long as it takes to be completed.

  • A unique and profound healing that is affordable for anyone that may be experiencing health issues stress overwhelm anxiety depression trauma loss death betrayal nervous issues all very much the earthly concerns affecting all of the world since the Pandemic and upheavals of uncertainty.
  • Metatreiya heals wounds women encounter during childbirth and pregnancy and miscarriage and conceiving.
  • Children Adults with ADHD and neural path disease. She the beautiful goddess of grace is like plant medicine she works with you beautifully and uniquely to heal thrive and prosper!


  • Therapists can also apply to receive the Attunment level 1 and 2 to work with Metatreiya using her Star enhanced codes of Light.


  • A healing with the gracious Goddess of beauty and full embodiment of the feminine.
    Metatreiya will work with you on a unique level. Letting go of the old fear RESISTANCE blocks that STOP your life treasures of FULFILMENT – love money relationships and love.
    When receiving her vastness of feminine Light she unwinds all of you and your old stories while holding you in grace + reverence as you surrender.
    Pets who have been abused lost or suffered taurma or have debilitating issues can receive.
    What happens is we will schedule a time to suit you and me anywhere in the world.

Lay down at the selected time

  • The healing will run for the 1 hour while I hold space.


  • Your healing will be recorded and I will share what I wittness and hear. It is very much like watching a video game that is uniquely yours through now and all lifetimes past and present.You may fall asleep and that’s ok sometimes we have to get out of the way for healing to go deeper.

It truly is a purification of self your temple connecting you to the all-knowing of God Source Creator.

  • The light that releases you from burdens entanglements loss stress – solutions to health symptoms that have not been diagnosed in medical testing.
  • To Schedule, a booking once payment has been received
    an email will be sent to set up your appointment anywhere in the world

You can also choose a private Healing at Mind Soul Wellness in Melbourne or Zoom you will have time after your session to talk about what took place for you through your senses. This supports integration and you will receive a flow up call 5 days later.



1 review for Metatreiya Goddess _ Feminne Healing

  1. Avatar

    Truely grateful

    To everyone who is reading this. I can never thank Judy enough for what she does.
    Judy is truly amazing. she has worked on my son on and off. with incredible results.
    He has stopped using. his beautiful nature has come back. and he has just received the best news of getting a job.
    I would never hesitate to recommend Judy to anyone. she is Amazing.
    Much Love and Thanks always Judy :heart

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