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I am the Founder of Mind Soul Wellness.
I will support you to achieve your goals around wellness and connection to your
Sacred Woman


Judy Browne | Mind Soul Wellness | SACRED WOMAN


Anchoring the Feminine Essence and Igniting Sacred Union of Self.”

The work I am bringing forward can shift your life if you are ready to commit to change or something better. Working with many woman in my practice struggling with brunout feeling dis – honoured in a male world and not able to crack the egg so to speak.
I will get to the root, the trigger to release the stuck energy within the mental emotional and physical body causing pain and exhaustion
What happens with this release you will activate your divine intelligence that vitality of life back to light and easy.

* As a transformational Mentor, I support women to a full and vibrant Heart Connection aligning and anchoring the energies of your Sacred Feminine.

* I hold sacred space as a spiritual midwife calming the mind releasing constant storytelling from the energetic field of physical pain and ailments within the body.
I help women reconnect back to loving who they are and feeling I am enough. This is a process that is unique to you and your journey.
But what I am most passionate about are the gifts I now have to hold sacred space to rebirth women back to remembering the essence of love.
My own story and experiences have brought me to where I stand today as an entrepreneur working with clients around the globe and loving what I do.

I would always say,

“There has to be more to life than this.”
I had no idea those words were to inspire me into action to help others reclaim their life just like I have.

So I AM here to support your journey with an exclusive package reclaiming your sacred Woman just like I have.

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Judy Browne