The Truth about Sacred Activations

Have you noticed just how much information we have to work though to get our answers quickly !

I  know I  have so I’m writing this blog for you so you  have a  better understanding  of  the  Session work I am bringing through at this time. I’m   excited  because the shifts we are all experiencing including  for myself have been amazing . We are all so different and each person will have  different experiences but the end result is always the same and that is a fuller connection with   love so your heart is guiding the way which is so freeing and life then starts aligning with  purpose and intention . So read on  to find out what an activation has the capability of doing and why .

Definition  of   an  Activation :

Lets clear the mystery of what an Activation is  ……   An activation  is Sacred Geometry   like    powerful energy boosts  of mathematical codes and frequencies  that  will clear out old and lower vibrational memories , thoughts and emotions that are located in the cells of the body ,  your Auric field and DNA . This  is very powerful because  of the  ability to work Multi  – Dimensional  taking this to a  powerful  new level of a Soul Healing.
I know there are lots of different modalities around and about and I have to be honest I have studied so many of them as I have been on a pursuit to find the very best and quickest way to up level and to help as many people as I can and of course that includes you . Every modality I have ever been attracted to learn has I believe given me more information and extra tools for my tool box. Every person who comes to see me is unique and I always know I will always have to best option for each person.

 What makes  a  Sacred Activation Unique ?

 Sacred Geometry  working with God / Source energy  is powerful  and  fast creating  sacred space for a quick shift which is empowering to witness such change with this Divine Love process that delivers  .

The first time I was introduced to Sacred Activations  was when I heard  Tamra Oviatt  the Founder speak about how she was given this gift from God at a time when she was really wanting answers. This was to be the birth of a unique modality that has the ability to shift 1000’s of negative core beliefs and programs and literally run through all of our history and for me this was the quickest shift I had witnessed ever !! So this modality is the fastest in attaining  results that speak for themselves. Have a look at my Praise page to read about what my clients are experiencing .

Who will most benefit ?

I don’t know anyone who will not see a change in how they feel. It is important though that permission is given as this frequency that is from Source / God energy has an intelligence and it will not run if permission is not given as we all have free will.
If you have been feeling like there has to be more to life than what you are receiving or relationships are causing concern or you are stuck in a rut or you are over this way of life this is for you to reach a state of Change easily by simply saying YES I’m ready !

Results you will  notice 

I have always from personal experience and with those clients that I see have noticed  a calmness , more energy so vitality is a major area that will give you a boost in all areas of your life as you are feeling more able and confident to take the step you are wanting to manifest the shifts in your life.

What Science believes :

Scientists tell us that 95% of cognition occurs in the subconscious mind , which is located throughout the body. And within the subconscious mind and body .
There are 1000’s of programs running – most of which we are completely unaware of on conscious level. These programs keep running even when  when our conscious mind has decided on a different course of action , making change in our lives challenging at best .
There are two ways to remove programming,
* The conventional method of psychology, which takes years .

 * OR  Sacred  Activations  –   being     faster , cleaner giving  you  Confidence , Vitality and Happiness.

So imagine how free  and light you  can feel after a session,  its like shedding  a heavy winter coat  becoming more aware with increased   vitality and you feel so much better.  This is just the beginning of what to look forward to as  your life starts to shine again with new energy to support you .

A new year often triggers us to remember what we were doing this time last year and very often we are still feeling and experiencing the same memories.

It’s time to create a Lighter and  Brighter 2017 to  bring in the happiness you deserve better health and a fresher out look.

If you are feeling it’s time to celebrate YOU ,   I  welcome you to make contact and we can chat about the best way to bring in the Vitality and Happiness you are yearning for .

Lets Celebrate our New Intentions for 2017 to be our very BEST EVER !


Written by Judy Browne






















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