I am Meditation Teacher and trained with the late Michael Rowland where the trainings were held in the beautiful Blue Mountains NSW. Trainings includes personal development and the importance of traditional meditation practices with breath work, mantras and chanting this all coming together to a higher state consciousness It was an inspiring time of my life being in his presence.
* Akashish Institute Of Inner Studies – Pranic Healing with the late Master Choa Kok Sui and there late Hazel Wardha such a privilege to work with both masters completing all courses of Pranic Healing.
* Reiki and working with Australian Gem Essences preparation and understanding.
* MEND Mental Emotion Neurological Diffusion using muscle testing for accurate assessments. I have always had an interest in the mind and why we fall off the track so all studies were to build on one another.
* Re Connective Healing and The Reconnection Level 111 with Eric Pearl the Founder.
* Forensic Healing System completing all 5 courses available
*Theta Healing all courses some facilitated by the Founder Vianna Stibal
* Intuitive Anatomy Theta Healing three week study in Hobart Tasmania
*Sacred Activations all trainings incuding Akashic Record Trainings facilitated by the Founder Tamra Oviatt. *Teacher of Sacred Activations to facilitate Level 1 Trainings

With decades of expertise my work has been sought by many international clients. I will always be activley raising my vibration and Light Quotancey for faster sessions If you are ready. Your Higher Intelligence leads the way. I am here to serve + support you and humanity and this is my mission.

I have 2 children, who are now married and have families of their own. I am proud to say I also have 4 thriving grandchildren. It is a blessing as I was childless for ten years and went through every fertility procedure known. This led me to delve deeper into alternative medicine to support my traditional western medicine treatments.

My Journey

With the lessons I’ve learned and the trainings I’ve completed, my mission with my clients is all about connecting to confidence and tapping back into our heart, as this changes our life’s energy connection to all that is improving our own relationship to self that expands to all relationships.
By allowing this energy into our heart, mind and body, it empowers us to take action and get excited about what we want in our life, our true desires and our highest selves.
I believe in what we are seeking to manifest in our life is actually seeking us to grow in a more open and generous way.
My journey and passion for life has shown me many aspects of the journey. This includes why managing your own energy is such a very big part of my work. If you are in a toxic relationship at work or at home this can and will affect your life and health. Humanity has unfortunately been dumbed down with control and fear, which results in heavy energies that have corrupted who we are and have abrogated our free will (you may not even know you are experiencing these energies but feel tired, flat or depressed)

My Promise

I am excited you are here and thanks for reading a small piece of my journey and what it has taught me to take your hands achieve and grow just like i have done.


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