Want to flow in a changing world with New Creation & Possibilities?

2021 is a New Year of change after a year that left us speechless with what was taking place. But out of all of the uncertainty is gave you time to re evaluate life and what we could all do to re invent with a brand new Vision.
This is an exciting time to seek and be curious about who you really are from a different prospective to promote CHANGE

Mind Soul Wellness will focus on what is your highest best for you to thrive we specialise in fast and high codes of light to transform and support you in a way that will launch you into a new state of success in the area of Health Wellness Love Confidence Focus and Curiosity to be all that you can be and more.

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Much love
Judy Browne xx


Sacred Activations Transformation

As the Founder for Change & Wellness we celebrate  you to create and co - create a new calling of Heart  Love  thriving in Wellness through alignment of Heart  Body Mind Soul.

This is your Divine Blue Print. When we journey life we experience "humanness" experiencing traumas wounds heartache we sacrifice for others we stress and our health deteriorates.

I  support you by  transforming stuck  dense energies, releasing old, outdated belief systems / programs that literally act like prison bars in your life.  I also work with channelling, Light Language and other spiritual modalities, Core Expansion Reconnection Sacred Activations Theta Healing Reiki Forensic Healing Shamanic Healing, Sacred Symbols to name just a few.

These techniques remove hundreds and thousands of belief systems  quickly with energetic transmissions.  Mind Body Soul balancing  becomes  a priority for gaining clarity on what is your life direction  purpose our compass for Wellness.

I will work exclusively with supporting you with pain and why you are not healing the way you should be. Working with my Spiritual Team of surgeons  I have been gifted with knowledge to transform Health and Wellness. The Mind plays a major role in how we heal so does our genetic  Ancestral  family lineage  DNA, we look at the family line of illness trauma injury to energetically re set for faster healing.  I  can work with you one on one or you can review some of my other offerings in my store.


 Each Month on the New Moon we have a special ZOOM Call for Intentional CREATION Meditation  includes Activations  for Healing to assist your journey.   New Moon Circle is channelled to work with the group that shows up for healing and intention each moon

I have also prepared  meditations and Mastering Me guided audio programs.  There are many reviews on the work I have done to inspire you to look further.




  •  Daily shifting your vibration to prepare you / us for the Creating of new possibilities. With so much uncertainty and overwhelm we are all being caught in the waves of feeling disconnected confused or tired. All three are the new normal of us being in survive mode.
  • With the epidemic  of COVID 19 and lockdown we have been through a lot of stress overwhelm and uncertainty.
  • Receive the replays of this Home Study Program over three days and receive emote healing daily for 30 min plus nominate a buddy to receive remote healing and some extras too.

This program was Spirit Led and channelled

  •  I have created this 3 module meeting where we can explore whats happening  working exclusively Spirit Led with Channelling leading the way.
  • The model I have been given over the 3 days is
  • The Mind
  • Activate
  • Reclaim Re Connect Empower
  • Changing and shifting our vibration is the way to re create in a positive way to reap the benefits of the new gate ways that are opening for us to reach all possibilities
  • Say YES to more JOY
  • Say YES to a higher vibration
  • Say YES to more that makes you happy without the doing
  • Say YES to more energy and good health
  • Say YES to a better lifestyle where relationships are easier
  • Say YES TO 30 MIN REMOTE HEALING each of the three days




This set of highly activated Activations was channelled by the Lemurian beings of light originating back to  LEMURIA or Mu. Their aim as was at the beginning of time was a place of being in  heaven on earth. The Lemurians are thought to be a peaceful highly intelligent  heart cantered race. This is the reset of the Awakening we are presently journeying through with the removal of ancient karmic patterning and what you endured in each life time that heavily imprints your soul. Often this can and is carried over into this life time as a karmic debt that can be a triggering with different people that come into your life. All is seen as growth but difficult at the time. A process of purging is taking place while rejuvenation takes place with forgiveness of self and those involved. This is a rebirth of ourself and will support you with your mission to achieve your dreams and intentions. This is a time of trust as we journey into the void. Its is an important part to have a chance to ask questions at the Q&A Call. Talking about your experiance helps the healing process and understanding the unfoldment of our time together.


Supporting you in a safe and unique process of re - membering who "you" are on a deep soul level. This results in a spiritual re birthing of heart connection, stepping into a new paradigm of  wellness,  vitality, empowerment and heart connection.

This Ultimate Mastery Program has kicked off with the first Reset

Eye of Soul Activation Transmissions consisting of 4 activations

Preparation and clearing so you are prepared for this transformational process through the soul taking you back to your original timeline  and  first incarnation on earth.You will experience a breaking free from your beginning of time back to the original part Tara or Mu - Mother.

  1. Resurrection
  2. Breaking Free
  3. Rejuvenation
  4. Receiving your gift of Golden Keys from other life times that have been held back from you to unleash your soul for new potential.
  5. Q&A held on Zoom to check in to see how you are 2 weeks later

Waiting lists are available if you would like to be part of this powerful  and life changing program Part 1


Other Services

House clearings  are POWERFUL for anyone that is feeling flat or has been un well having a run of things going wrong or selling or moving into a new home. Clearing low energies creates a new flow of lightness that supports connection and wellness bringing a happier life ready for flow ease and abundant manifesting. Your home will feel more bountiful  and full of love and vitality. It will be a pleasure to walk in your front door!

CLICK LINK -  Mentoring For Change

 Mentoring  For Change is geared to support you we can work together for a month or 3 months it really is your call. 

When our own GPS NAVIGATION COMPASS takes you to the wrong places that create issues this is another way of saying I'm not attracting what I want and why is this?

I will support you through a process of releasing old karmic programs patterns and what you have inherited through your family line, sabotaging    events or  relationship breakdown, Career  Health Issues Loss of Work I will be your navigator to bring you back to thrive. I has a client say this week it is like a take one step forward and then two steps backwards!

2020 is the  BIGGEST YEAR SO FAR  IN HISTORY TO LIBERATE OURSELVES further step into our power of   fresh  new vitality that allows you / us to serve others in a healthier NEW way.

Ask the question what will my life look like in 6 months time if I do nothing?    How long have I felt like this?

If you are feeling the 'need' for CHANGE  and a fresh new approach of Intuitive MENTORING  and Transformational healing then let's Set Up a Free  30 min Discovery Session.  

Click HERE.

What can you expect when you work with me?

During a healing session I connect with Creator, Masters, Angelic realm and the Christ Consciousness Template of Light. I am always GUIDED fully by your Higher Self.

If you are wanting more clarity about your life and what is happening or not happening, this is for you. “The Akashic Records “ are held on the 6th plane of existence. During the session we will journey together and be received by your guides / Angels and we will call in the Masters and higher beings of light to escort us to the healing table where the healing and work will be done. If you have health issues, we will call in the Spiritual Surgeons to heal and release what it is that is creating this in your life.

Channeling is part of the session and much information will be revealed and spoken to give you clarity to your questions. I am always inspired and excited while doing these Transmissions as there is so much love, information, gifts and knowledge that you have had in a past life that can be brought forward to help you in your current reality. This is very freeing for you.

Many realisations occur during these sessions and you will feel more empowered with what it is that you want to create, as the burdens and contracts are being released. If you are curious and this is resonating with you, then this is what I would recommend.

Some people benefit greatly from just having a safe space to be able to simply talk honestly about what is happening or the issue which has been locked away or the secret that is causing pain in the body. This often becomes like those same stories that are on a repeat loop, exhaustion, feeling crushed, depression and much more. Just having someone listen to you is a big part of the healing process, as often we don’t feel we are able to speak openly in our truth. The healing starts as soon as you book your appointment often the process will begin subtly, it is all about commitment and intention and each Session is always guided by what your Higher Self communicates with me.

Heart Mind Soul Wellness Alignment

We always start with what has brought you to having a session. Taking the time for us to see what’s happening, as very often we aren’t able to be truly authentic with what’s really going on behind the “whats happening” and how you’re feeling. I will send a client questionnaire for you to fill out and bring with you so we can trace what’s really going on.

If you are having a Session on Zoom you will be emailed your Questionnaire.

I have been described as an "ENERGETIC DETECTIVE" looking at your hard drive like a computer we store all of the information that is SAVED – ARCHIVED – DELETED – STORED.
I am like your "Electrician" working Multi-Dimensionally so we can remove electrical shorts blocks pain FEAR that has an effect on the physical emotional and mental bodies.
I receive Channeled information, Light Language for you and what is necessary to shift what it is that is creating blockages etc.

Unplugging from the group Consciousness is a major part of my work as world events affect us greatly especially in the now of March 2020. Grounding and anchoring you in the here and now is so important for you to be your very best in WELLNESS Clarity Focus and for Manifesting.

Other things...

What to expect after a session? It varies with everyone as we are all individual. Often we feel expanded and a feeling of deep love and peace. You will feel a sense of lightness as though a burden has been lifted off your shoulders ! This starts the excitement of the journey.

My intention is for you to move to a place where you feel deep Love , Trust and be comfortable in your own skin . Empowerment Vitality  Confidence and a sense of Synchronicity will follow as you are become more in Alignment with who you really are.

Rest after a session and listen to your body. It is not recommended to go out after a session as you may not feel ready to be with others in social interaction. Your session will unfold quickly sometimes you may experience sore joints / headache as you detox over a period of 2-5 days or longer for integration to fully take place. Tiredness will be in like waves  goes for the first  3-4 days.You will be emailed an integration audio that's 12 min to support your process this is your 24/7 Prayer Circle Balancer.

I always say don’t make any major decisions until you have fully integrated the work and you will know when the shift has occurred! Your session is recorded and sent as audio file through Dropbox.

HYDRATION IS IMPORTANT during and after the session. Exercise and a healthy diet all need to be factored into Shifting your reality.

I suggest SALT BATHS before and after the session It is very helpful in clearing the body and energy fields – similar to swimming in the ocean.

“I feel like I’m not changing, my life is still the same.” What am I doing wrong ?

It is very important to watch your thoughts and how you respond and react to certain people and situations. After a session you will be more aware of how you are responding to others. Remember we are our own creator and we have to be active in ‘Creating life Change. “You will start to notice that situations which would have freaked you out or in which felt uncomfortable, will no longer hold that charge. Continual small changes amount to long term ones.

Remember: “ENERGY IS EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.” We are all connected and we are all on this journey together.

Disclaimer:   I do not diagnose medical conditions. Please seek the advice of a Health care PROFESSIONAL. The work that I do compliments Western Medicine.


I was going through a stage in my life and questioning what it was really all about. There had to be more to life than this!

I had moved states made other changes in my life and things just weren’t right, it was a difficult time. I was talking to a good friend of mine who had been to see Judy and we chatted about her experience, it was all very positive so I thought I have give this a go, so I can move forward and get on with living.

So, I contacted Judy telling her a bit about what was going on my life and would she like to work with me to get through this. That was several months ago and I haven’t looked back.

The work that we have done has been amazing. I feel a totally different person I am so much lighter, more positive and know that there are lots of great things coming into my life, things have changed already.

I have been able to lose the old and not so good patterns, I handle situations differently, feel less angry and really trusting in the process that my life is improving leaps and bounds, I am being truthful with myself about who and what I want in my life.

There is no other way to describe it but after working with Judy, I’m buzzing, vibrating and so excited about everything .
Its great... After a few sessions with Judy I actually told her I wanted all the activation’s I felt so good.

We laughed about it as there are a few!

Judy has been a valuable presence in my life and great healer who gives so much time, energy and support, Judy is always there for you, an amazing lady.

Judy I cant thank you enough and I’m filled with gratitude that you have come into my life.”

– Marguerite McKeown

I have been working with Judy for the last 6 months and I have noticed a big change in myself. Not only do I feel clearer and lighter with her clearing my field , I now have more clarity in my life’s big decisions. The activation’s that Judy has used for me have opened my heart and accelerated both my businesses .

I am now able to connect authentically with myself which enables me to be free to be who I AM. The activation’s have opened me up to attracting new friendships that are vibrating on a higher level and we are able to celebrate my success stories but also I AM able to celebrate theirs. I AM so happy since my sessions with Judy. She completely gets how I feel and this made it easier to feel relaxed and at ease through the process.

If you are feeling stuck, take that next step and give Judy a call. I AM in gratitude and appreciation for what Judy has done for me.”

– Jo Vidich

My first ever session with Judy was the beginning in a series of transformational experiences that are still occurring for me today.
The first time i visited Judy’s studio I walked in feeling completely beaten and overwhelmed. I didn’t understand why I had to see her, but I knew I had to trust that little something inside me that said to go.

Feeling tired, sore, and quite bereft of vitality, I shut my eyes and went into the session with a no expectations and no reservations. I just surrendered. I opened heart and mind to the process thinking maybe, just maybe I would walk out feeling a little better than I did when I walked in.

I wasn’t sure what was happening at the time, however I had a sense something was moving around in realm that was outside my conscious mind like a strong current underneath still water. I gave myself permission to trust it and let it happen without any judgements or opinion.

Immediately after that first session I jumped on the train neither here or there about what had happened, and headed home.

What happened next was astounding. My thoughts where changing right there. Mental and emotion burdens I had carried for many years began to dissolve. The way I experienced it was like this;- thoughts and feelings that usually came to me daily and hourly, draining me of energy and filling my psyche with fear and self-doubt, now they had absolutely no power. They hit me as they usually did and then fell straight off me like a candle on a hot iron. They honestly haven’t returned since. Those thoughts, those feelings, those false beliefs that were eroding my life had been with me for so many years were going, going, gone. Just gone. I can’t explain it. It happened. They effects where immediate for me. In the following days and weeks even more.

Since that first visit it has been a process, and I feel I have gone from strength to strength to strength.  I have had several more visits with Judy and her team and each time it has be equally as powerful with its own amazing consequence and stories therein. I am very grateful to you.”

– Lainie

To read more praise and feedback please check out the many  messages I have received here.