I have been on this amazing journey for a long, long time I remember my school days being a bit of a daydreamer. I've always just wanted to feel loved. I had a good childhood but I now believe I had to learn what love is really all about, not just say the words but dive deep into my own heart connection

For some years I would go shopping to make myself feel good and of course I wanted to look good all of the time as that made me happy!

I was married to a businessman and we were part owners of an international company. On reflection I was on a pedestal of what I thought I should be as a representative of this business and to this man and of course, it reflected in my life with trying to be a perfectionist with family and friends.

Somehow the lines became blurry and I stepped out of my heart and into a stressful way of life that I felt I couldn’t take a holiday from and one that was far away from my authentic self!

I have 2 children, who are now married and have families of their own. I am proud to say I also have 4 adorable healthy thriving grandchildren. It is a blessing as I was childless for ten years and went through every fertility procedure known. This led me to delve deeper into alternative medicine to support my traditional western medicine treatments.

My Journey

I was first drawn to Reiki and this was the first modality introducing me to spirituality.

This led me to my first mentor who was a spiritual reader. He gave me hope that I could create something better and that I could find a piece of happiness.

Next was Meditation, which led to me becoming a teacher.

With the lessons I’ve learned and the training I’ve completed, my mission with my clients is all about connecting to confidence and tapping back into our heart, as this changes our life's energy connection to all that is improving our own relationship to self that expands to all relationships.

By allowing this energy into our heart, mind and body, it empowers us to take action and get excited about what we want in our life, our true desires and our highest selves.
I believe in what we are seeking to manifest in our life is actually seeking us to grow in a more open and generous way.

This is allowing us to love ourselves, all that we are and all we are becoming, so we’re completely comfortable in our own skin.

This feeling of acceptance is the most awesome experience I’ve enjoyed so far – it’s an all encompassing, free feeling and allows us to stand in a more authentic way of expressing ourselves and our confidence.

My journey and passion for life has shown me many aspects of the journey. This includes why managing your own energy is such a very big part of my work. If you are in a toxic relationship at work or at home this can and will affect your life and health. Humanity has unfortunately been dumbed down with control and fear, which results in heavy energies that have corrupted who we are and have abrogated our free will (you may not even know you are experiencing these energies but feel tired, flat or depressed).

My Promise

So I AM here to give you some tools and clear your field and activate your "I AM" presence and realign you back to your authentic true self, to claim you are sovereign, which is all about boundaries, empowerment and vitality.

It’s my intention to support you and show you the tools that will bring change and most importantly for you to know you will be guided in finding your way to create a more vibrant magnetic and confident life that was always intended.

I am here and this is my journey to keep up levelling so I can show you a faster and quicker way to tap into the synchronicity of divine alignment where life and new opportunities open up to more loving, authentic relationships, empowerment, new vitality, improved health and daily synchronicity.

I am excited you are here and thanks for reading just a small piece of who I am and what my journey has taught me to hand on to help YOU achieve and grow just like I have done.

This is ME