Welcome to  Mind  Soul  Wellness. I know what it's like to be Stuck and needing to break Free and make changes . I work exclusively with you to better understand your circumstances so we can get the best outcome for you. Are you a sensitive and feeling the stress and overwhelm of others around you? We can become fractured with trauma and old events. I will guide you through processes that will support you in a safe way that feels comfortable for you because I get you.

As an Intuitive Empath I have the tools, deep understanding and insights into the why life has taken you away from your proposed desire. When we delve into the insight of why we get clarity around "what's taking place" to see the opportunity for growth.


Do you feel empty or something's missing from your puzzle of life. Are you searching for something outside of  YOU?  This creates disappointment and insecurity causing pain and can create jealousy especially when you look at what others have created. You have the strength to navigate CHANGE pushing through the blocks that are keeping you silent and stuck its about stepping out of your comfort zone.

This is what I have created for you,

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Relax and Receive the energy for an energetic Re-  Set to Ignite your New Beginning Today!

Life Change is an inside job, changing habits is so important to Re- Set the way you feel -  Creating better lifestyle choices.

You are in fact your own Guru we just lose the way battling unresolved inner resistances and pain both Financial Wellness Partnerships or Unexpected Changes.

Join me to Co - Create some Magical Deep Transformational shifts to Freedom to Live your best Life!

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I encourage you to invest in yourself so you can value who you are on a whole new level of CONNECTION  not one based on fear, anger or rejection.


"Re Create your Life using cutting edge transformational tools that will shift your awareness to create a life of Wellness transforming Health and Relationships while reclaiming the essence of  LOVE  that unites Heart and Soul

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“It’s not about finding yourself it’s about creating yourself and believing you are WORTHY of something even better.”

What do I do ?

Mind Soul Wellness

Only 1 to 5% of our lives are run by our conscious mind, but 95% to 99% of our lives are run by our subconscious, which is pure programming. This includes:
  • Learned Genetic programing -  DNA - Ancestral lines
  • Karmic programs  from past lives
  • And programming picked up from the Collective Consciousness Activating MIND BODY HEART SOUL WELLNESS Re claiming Your Empowerment Believing in yourself and Feeling Alive Learn Connection and Stillness Be your  Authentic Self Accelerate and Manifest your Life Wellness while Connecting to Inner Beauty Own Your Uniqueness

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Sharing the latest Ascension up grades :  New moon solar eclipse solstice rituals self care and so much more. I will share tools and the symptoms so you can be better equipped to navigate with ease. I AM sharing wisdom supporting you on your fabulous journey we call life. Let us light up the world with Love and Light

  • Activating Heart Mind Soul Wellness
  • Re claiming Your Empowerment
  • Believing in yourself and Feeling Alive
  • Learn Connection and Stillness
  • Be your  Authentic Self
  • Accelerate and Manifest your Life
  • Wellness = Freedom = Happiness
  • Own Your Uniqueness

 Heart Mind Soul Wellness

Alchemical Transition shifts your heart,  falling in love with YOU increases Confidence & Beauty

Rebalancing the Feminine /  Masculine / Child trilogy  enhances  life Connection.

Immerse - Transform "Using Cutting Edge High Vibrational Multi Dimensional Energies".

Change the Way you Feel - Ignite Your Gifts and Wellness though Heart Awakening - Decoding to Transform

Collective Consciousness
Genetic Consciousness
Religious Consciousness
Group Consciousness

Praise for my work

I was burnt out and had lost my work – life balance altogether. I was juggling a demanding leadership position with part time study and running a household with two small children. It was exhausting!  I was stressed and anxious.  I’m Working with Judy I was able to focus on my core values and develop leadership skills in communication… especially communicating with senior leaders.  This lead to my receiving a promotion that gave me more flexible working hours.

Also the growth in my leadership capacity has meant that I also feel much more like I am part of the team and that I’m supported and valued by senior leadership. The shift in priorities and self – esteem has also led to a change in my family dynamics which has given me back more time to spend with my family, but when I do so,I am far more present and engaged with them emotionally than I was before.

Overall I ‘m less stressed , no longer anxious and have much more balance throughout my life. The "up-leveling" that was brought about by my involvement in Judy’s Mastering Me program was really enjoyable. I have a deeper sense of myself, and have accepted a new peaceful momentum of progress throughout life.

– Dorothy

What an amazing journey !!!

I have just finished my last call for the three month Mentoring Program, and my gratitude cannot be expressed adequately enough to you Judy and your Spiritual team for this amazing journey. It has definitely been a road of discovery, as I was supported so lovingly through areas of my life and self that I wished to explore and grow from.

I am amazed at my break throughs, and even though it has been challenging I have always felt supported and guided through this.

There have been so many moments of delight, surprises and wonder,

I am so glad and grateful to have been able to do this. I see changes in myself and my life in areas that are important to me, that I would not have thought I was able to change.

Big Thanks Judy and much love to you.

It has been a wonderful journey working with you.


Judy is equivalent to a rare jewel – A Healer, Mentor and Guide who is genuine, soul centered, generous and desires to empower humanity through their transformations and breakthroughs. She is a clear conduit and has provided me with unexpected solutions to clearing blocks and unseen obstacles which have held me back from fulfilling my path.

The Mastering Me program is an all encompassing course which clears from the ground up and then took me to uncharted waters, new heights and has helped me immensely.

Don’t hold back, you will be pleasantly surprised!

– Nadia