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  • Feeling STUCK ?
  • Have you been stuck in the same belief systems for years?
  • Are you in the same situation you were in 10 years ago or longer?
  • I UNLOCK that part of YOU that is not allowing GROWTH.
  • Creating VITALITY & PASSION for living.
  • Be the Magnet  of attraction!

What do I do ?

Heart Awakening Tranformations

I work with SACRED ACTIVATION’S AND CHANNELING HEART AWAKENING TRANSFORMATIONS which gives me the opportunity to look at where certain issues , blockages are coming from and most importantly why they are there.
I will then look at early childhood events or trauma and sometimes your birth experiences.

The Activation’s will run through your core beliefs and triggers and this will collapse thousands of old patterning that is currently holding you in the holding bay of sabotaging emotions you are presently experiencing .

Genetic and Ancestral family lines of both mum ,& dads lineage and beyond . This is so beneficial for all of your family and will shift your family dynamics. We then have the ability to collapse old time lines you have been part of meaning past lives as this is often a major key to your release .

You do not have to do a thing in this process as the Activation’s have the unique intelligence of being able to Transform , Heal and Support YOU at this time.

As we are working very Multi Dimensionally meaning I’m using high frequencies , this will shift very quickly often immediate and sometimes over the weeks , months.
We are all so different but I have witnessed shifts that are quick so often before my eyes !

Only 1 to 5% of our lives are run by our conscious mind, but 95% to 99% of our lives are run by our subconscious, which is pure programming. This includes:

  • Learned Genetic programing -  DNA - Ancestral lines
  • Karmic programs  from past lives
  • And programming picked up from the Collective Consciousness

Collective Consciousness programs include:

  •   Disease
  •  Fear - Struggle to survive
  •  Powerlessness and Low Self Esteem

What is the OUTCOME?

  • A shift in Prosperity Awareness creating Cash flow
  • Authentic Relationships that are more loving
  • Vitality improved Health and Happiness
  • Improve Psychic Abilities
  • Remove Addictions


You will notice a new vitality of love and freedom that cannot be easily explained but you will know. This is called a new expanded consciousness and a deeper love to yourself and this is the key to your life shifting you to be the best version of you that you can be.

How do the Activation’s work?

They activate your Sacred Geometry and pulls you out of

Collective Consciousness
Genetic Consciousness
Religious Consciousness
Group Consciousness

Release 1000’s of old Triggers and Belief systems that keep you from being in your Awesomeness using HEART AWAKENING TRANSFORMATIONS.

Achieve those intentions of what your Life should look like!

The Activation’s have the potential in removing old family fears and genetic blocks that keep you in suffering or lack or not enough that keeps you feeling limited.

Praise for my work

In 2015 I was burnt out and had lost my work – life balance altogether. I was juggling a demanding leadership position with part time study and running a household with two small children. It was exhausting!  I was stressed and anxious.  I’m Working with Judy I was able to focus on my core values and develop leadership skills in communication… especially communicating with senior leaders.  This lead to my receiving a promotion that gave me more flexible working hours.

Also the growth in my leadership capacity has meant that I also feel much more like I am part of the team and that I’m supported and valued by senior leadership. The shift in priorities and self – esteem has also led to a change in my family dynamics which has given me back more time to spend with my family, but when I do so,I am far more present and engaged with them emotionally than I was before.

Overall I ‘m less stressed , no longer anxious and have much more balance throughout my life. The "up-leveling" that was brought about by my involvement in Judy’s Mastering Me program was really enjoyable. I have a deeper sense of myself, and have accepted a new peaceful momentum of progress throughout life.

– Dorothy

I have seen the amazing Judy for both my Personal life and my Business. Whilst I love her brilliant massages, it’s her energy work that is extraordinary and literally the reason behind the massive growth in my business, Iridis Cosmetics, which took a huge leap forward after a particular session Judy did which cleared blocks holding me back from stepping into my true self and that of my business.

After the session all these amazing opportunities started opening up like magic for my business and the growth we’ve experienced is more than I could have imagined.  I quit my “other” job to focus on my business full time and I’ve soared! I also undertook Judy’s “Mastering Me” program and was so impressed with the things that came out of that for me.

Judy truly has a unique and outstanding gift. Whenever I refer people to her I always say, “Judy is the real deal.”  She’s also helped us sell our home (removing a curse /toxic energy that stopped people coming through for 3 weeks – then after her clearing, we had 8 couples through!)

My partner Kelly also has had some major breakthroughs which resulted in her singing voice being cleared, past life blocks – literally curing a cough which she’d had since primary school.
– Peta-Gai McLaughlin
– Kelly Lowe
Make Up made Simple (

Judy is equivalent to a rare jewel – A Healer, Mentor and Guide who is genuine, soul centered, generous and desires to empower humanity through their transformations and breakthroughs. She is a clear conduit and has provided me with unexpected solutions to clearing blocks and unseen obstacles which have held me back from fulfilling my path.

The Mastering Me program is an all encompassing course which clears from the ground up and then took me to uncharted waters, new heights and has helped me immensely.

Don’t hold back, you will be pleasantly surprised!

– Nadia

“It’s not about finding yourself it’s about creating yourself and believing you are WORTHY of something even better.”