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This is an exciting time to seek and be curious about who you really are from a different prospective to promote CHANGE

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I have worked with Judy for almost 2 years. A precious soul that is to enlighten with Truth no matter the consequences for Inner reality.
She doesn’t guess she speaks from the energy within. The Universe uses Judy to empower the light within and to transform the human spirit beyond our intellectual thoughts. I have encounter so many personal obstacles and never believed nor thought possible the outcomes Judy has shared through her wisdom and lessons until they manifested rapidly applying my application of the principles.
Judy has a unique blessing from The Universe. Her connection is not with you but the Spirit that that rests within you.
Her nurturing light can be an incredible immeasurable encounter that is life transforming.

DR KEITH ~ Hawaii

“Judy provides a lifetime of study and curiosity specialising in Mind Heart Body Soul this is what makes her your go to to source her Cutting Edge Tools for ENERGY TRANSFORMATION”
To have a vision to bring positive change to as many people across the world. A mission of passion to witness a tremendous shift in peoples lives. A transformation a time of releasing through Karma Clearings to REset. When we re align energetically we have a greater sense of who we are aligning back to our soul our purpose. Judy’s work takes women from unconfident to unstoppable. Like you Judy has travelled a road of self discovery of feeling insecure and of feeling unlovable but through her unstoppable nature she has recreated her life from a foundation of love grace and balance and lots of gratitude.

Sometimes we just need a guide to direct the right pathway. You are your own Guru but sometimes the compass loses receptivity just like our car GPS navigating system.

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Collective Consciousness
Genetic Consciousness
Religious Consciousness
Group Consciousness

Reviews from my work

I was burnt out and had lost my work – life balance altogether. I was juggling a demanding leadership position with part time study and running a household with two small children. It was exhausting!  I was stressed and anxious.  I’m Working with Judy I was able to focus on my core values and develop leadership skills in communication… especially communicating with senior leaders.  This lead to my receiving a promotion that gave me more flexible working hours.

Also the growth in my leadership capacity has meant that I also feel much more like I am part of the team and that I’m supported and valued by senior leadership. The shift in priorities and self – esteem has also led to a change in my family dynamics which has given me back more time to spend with my family, but when I do so,I am far more present and engaged with them emotionally than I was before.

Overall I ‘m less stressed , no longer anxious and have much more balance throughout my life. The “up-leveling” that was brought about by my involvement in Judy’s Mastering Me program was really enjoyable. I have a deeper sense of myself, and have accepted a new peaceful momentum of progress throughout life.

– Dorothy


What an amazing journey !!!

I have just finished my last call for the three month Mentoring Program, and my gratitude cannot be expressed adequately enough to you Judy and your Spiritual team for this amazing journey. It has definitely been a road of discovery, as I was supported so lovingly through areas of my life and self that I wished to explore and grow from.

I am amazed at my break throughs, and even though it has been challenging I have always felt supported and guided through this.

There have been so many moments of delight, surprises and wonder,

I am so glad and grateful to have been able to do this. I see changes in myself and my life in areas that are important to me, that I would not have thought I was able to change.

Big Thanks Judy and much love to you.

It has been a wonderful journey working with you.


Judy is equivalent to a rare jewel – A Healer, Mentor and Guide who is genuine, soul centered, generous and desires to empower humanity through their transformations and breakthroughs. She is a clear conduit and has provided me with unexpected solutions to clearing blocks and unseen obstacles which have held me back from fulfilling my path.

The Mastering Me program is an all encompassing course which clears from the ground up and then took me to uncharted waters, new heights and has helped me immensely.

Don’t hold back, you will be pleasantly surprised!

– Nadia