Private Alignment Session

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Judy will be taking a three month break as of June 1 2023 to rest and regenerate and allow the next part of her guidance to flow and will be back IN SEPTEMBER in the meantime she will rest and do some research

  • Private Alignment Session with replay.
  • Targeted session focusing on
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Family difficulties
  • Feeling lost and betrayed
  • Disconnection feeling blocked can’t see a way through current issue.
  • Inner child wounding /rejection/ abandonment issues.

We are here to support you.



The Ultimate Private Session

Judy will be taking a three month break as of June 1 2023 to rest and regenerate and allow the next part of her guidance to flow and will be back to do session work in September 2023.  Here is the email link to contact me about booking a future appointment for a session.

  • I am often described as an intuitive alchemist specialising in heart transmissions working with the divine feminine – divine masculine.
  • Working with the conscious and subconscious mind DNA Genetics and our Ancestral blood lineage of your family on mum and dads side
  • I am a MIND SOUL WELLNESS CONNECTOR AND TRANSFORMER – Releasing dense energies and a navigator of truth. I will bring fast healing to support you.
  • Your session will include full connection to your higher self cutting cords full removal of energy thats not yours including the unknown.
  • Grounding aligning you with God Source Creator using high frequencies light codes releasing the past triggers LOVE issues Trauma Betrayal Abandonment Depression Anxiety Addictions Break up Relationships Family Evil Eye Career through the Akashic records.
  • “The Mind Heart Soul are the keys to activating the Essence of your Gifts and Soul Purpose

Channelled Wisdom allows insight connecting with Source Creator the healing shifts you into a space of love in the most profound and blissful way. I can intuitively know what has taken place and why you are feeling flat experiencing blocks stopping flow in all areas of life.

• Once you have said yes and booked your Prvate Session we will arrange a time for your Consult and Healing Session as soon as possible
• Your Session replay will be sent to you after your session. Each Consult / Session will be approx. 90 min

5 reviews for Private Alignment Session

  1. Great support and services

    I have been recently been working with Judy and her Consulting Services after I was refereed to see her.
    Judy is outstanding supportive and accurate.
    Thank you for your services and support.

  2. Thank YOU

    Amazing. Thank you so much. I’ve been meaning to tell you, I am in such an amazing frame of mind. I’ve especially noticed it this last week.
    I’m feeling positive, energetic, not confused. I don’t know how to thank you enough.
    I couldn’t go on the way I was before for much longer, it was so hard. Life was a constant drain and I just felt like I was continuously struggling.

    Now, I feel amazing. I actually smile these days!! Thank you so much for helping me Judy 💗

  3. Truely amazing the shifts already

    I have only been listening to this for a few days and already am seeing huge changes within myself and my son. and looking forward to what changes are to come. Best money spent. you are truly amazing Judy xx

  4. Thank YOU

    Judy is a wonderful mentor and has helped me move and change into manifesting a more positive lifestyle. Changing jobs and letting go of past experiences that held me back. I have started my second program and would recommend it to everyone wanting to change their life.

  5. Narelle (verified owner)

    Thank you Judy for supporting me with your session work.
    The best investment!
    Happy International Women’s Day to you. Thank you for your amazing leadership and for sharing your wisdom and gifts with us all. May God bless you in every possible way!
    Love Narelle

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