Inspired Self – Mastery

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Inspired Self Mastery Meditation Re Set
  • Remember about the feelings of falling in love activating the pleasing feeling of being alive and in love.
  • The celebration of Love that feeling of bliss and mastery while being authentically you supports healing with positive thoughts
  • The power to see with infinite possibility , Hearing to look at having the wings to fly into the Reset of mastery the truth and your future being better and open. The last years we have lost vibrancy of lockdowns and uncertainty. This is a powerhouse of support in challenging times.
  • A rebirth
  • A bridge to the New
  • Mastering your gifts and talents
  • Using your intuition as a super powerhouse to master your most positive intentions
  • New possibilities in seeing openings and to know the why and when while being able to view with “wings” to fly moving forward.

A wonderful new meditation to excel and propel your life and goals.


♥️Judy Browne

Mind Soul Wellness

Inspired Self Mastery Meditation

  • Authentic Self Mastery a ReSet to establish a new prospective moving forward.
  • Big Clearings
  • Receive Activations
  • Creators Truth
  • River of Soul  purification clearing for empaths / sensitives who feel others energy. This is a 5th Dimensional Baptism  clearing all people you have been in contact with that no longer serve you to feel lighter and brighter.
  • Awakening Healing through the Akashic Records accessing your —–
  • Talents  Skills Gifts  Wisdom  Abilities Knowledge Attributes and Spiritual Intuitive Abilities
  • A transformational audio to support where you are now


♥️Judy Browne

Mind Soul Wellness

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1 review for Inspired Self – Mastery

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    Feeling NEW!

    After the first time I listened to it I woke up and felt like a new version of me, it worked incredibly well !!

    I have only been listening to this for a few days and already am seeing huge changes within myself and my son. and looking forward to what changes are to come. Best money spent. you are truly amazing Judy xx

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