Authentic Self Mastery 2023 Reset


Authentic Self Mastery Meditation Re Set 2023
  • Remember about the feelings of falling in love activating the pleasing feeling of being alive and in love.
  • The celebration of Love that feeling of bliss and mastery while being authentically you.
  • The power to see with infinite possibility hearing to look at having the wings to fly into the Re Set of mastery the truth and your future starting.
  • Now 1/1/2023 a power day with the master numbers of 11 and a Universal year of 7 Year of possibilities to see and know while being able to view with “wings” to fly moving forward.

Authentic Self Mastery Meditation

  • Authentic Self Mastery is a ReSet for the new and to establish a new future starting now 2023!
  • Big Clearings
  • Receive Activations
  • Creators Truth
  • River of Soul  purification clearing for empaths / sensitives who feel others energy. This is a 5th Dimensional Baptism  clearing all people you have been in contact with that no longer serve you to feel lighter and brighter.
  • Awakening Healing through the Akashic Records accessing your
  • Talents  Skills Gifts  Wisdom  Abilities Knowledge Attributes and Spiritual Intuitive Abilities
Once payment is complete you will receive your meditation file through DropBox


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