12TH Dimensional SHIELDING Protection


12TH Dimensional Shield and Boundary Setting.

You are also asked to say yes to give permission to receive this activation for the shield. You only have to say YES once but it would strengthen your ability to receive so listen while you are awake as we go repeat an important mantra setting the foundation of the shield.
From tomorrow the 2.2 till 22.2.2022 it is a powerful time of change.
I am offering a bundle transmission the first being 22.2.2022 see the current newsletter.
A time to stay connected and to keep positive do your intentions can at last break you free.
It’s an exciting and challenging time but one of high change.
Much love and receive all you can and more through this transmission to bring you into a new stability that brings courage and curiosity
This is an important tool so follow the directions to further support you as we work through today’s challenges.
Judy 🙏


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