Chakra Balance and Cutting Cords

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Does chakra clearing and balancing really work and how? When you feel stuck blocked and fatigued or nervous  with worry or constant stress  you feel drained your immune system is compromised this can create health problems because there is no  flow  and circulation is slow,  you feel overwhelmed. and impatient because recovery is slow. 

Free yourself today and feel happier with focus and increase energy and vitality!

  • Experience deep clearings of all 7 chakras
  •  Earth Star chakra that is situated beneath your feet cleared and  amplified
  • Cutting cords from all major CHAKRAS then another dissolving of hidden cords will give you freedom vitality and a new sense of clarity when we unknowingly become chorded to others we take on their pain and feel flat and not yourself.
  • This is a very important process of holding your own energy so you can better function with a happier way of living.
  • No one wants to be walking around with a mirky energy field that is not even yours!

Enjoy and make a practice you have the tool now to keep yourself uplifted. Remembering is a priority.


♥️ Judy Browne

Mind Soul Wellness

Chakra Balancing and Cord Cutting

Work anxiety or sudden events within your family or home all have an effect on how you feel and your energy levels become low and clouded.

  • Experience  a shift in focus and vitality with more calm to support your day.
  • Creating better health
  • You will notice more energy and pain leaves the body leaving you happier than before. You may have to listen often and add the names out loud if you feel it’s not shifting fast enough. Ask for all psychic agreements / debts be cancelled .
  • Use regularly to stay clear of other people’s energy. I recommend you use this daily then weekly. It is so important to have these tune ups to stay on top of what’s happening world wide.
  • You can use this meditation on silent in children’s rooms or in the background while you work
  • Often we find it hard to switch off and have difficulties in sleeping.

Use this audio meditation often to stay clear uplifted fresh and free to be the love and joy each day and beyond.

We are experiencing a lot of chaos and this will continue before it gets better but we are all here to uplift the planet and staying clear and bright you become the light.

Thank you and enjoy you can also play on low while you are working or in a child’s bedroom the energy still creates the effect of clearing.


♥️ Judy Browne

Mind Soul Wellness




1 review for Chakra Balance and Cutting Cords

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    Great Audio

    Hi Judy.
    Great audio. quick and easy listening. Cleared a few things that have been stuck. feeling different about life and clearer now ready to move forward
    Many thanks once again for providing the tools for a better life

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