The Courageous Confident Self

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The Courageous Confident Self.

  • Receive 5 Sacred Activations
  • Everyones better than me
  • Feel Stuck and shy?Playing it small?
  • Be courageous
  • Showing up inspired  and able to move forward with ease and safety.
  • Free at last to expand in confidence
  • Confidence changes how you respond to life
  • Grounding

The Courageous Confident Self

The Power Of I Can to change the dynamics of how you feel after the past years of uncertainty

  •  Activate and receive 5 Sacred Activations
  • Alchemical  Light codes releasing the old trappings of fear, woundings , and trauma.
  • Clearing the subconscious of low self esteem and devaluation
  • A nervous system upgrade to support the shifts we are making to free you from the old Karmic loops of illusion.
  • I am Worthy
  • I am good enough
  • Get your keys back
  • Soul soothe to harmonise your nervous system  to release pain .
  • Grounding
  • Music : Finding Stillness -Indie


1 review for The Courageous Confident Self

  1. Avatar

    Honestly amazing

    after the first time I listened to it I woke up and felt like a new version of me, it worked incredibly well !!

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