Healthy Mind Healthy Body Wellness

Healthy Mind Health Body Wellness

Health Wellness and Vitality so important in today’s changing world. You cannot create  100%  the new if you are still working within the old system.

It just does not bring the best results anymore.

When working with the mind and physical body during a session I can witness heavy dark clouds and miasms releasing and moving out creating space for healing.
Trauma – Post traumatic Stress – Fear – Depression -Anxiety and Anger that has been suppressed creates pain and illness in the body.
Clearing all 14 major Chakras that correlate to the organs of the body respond to the opening of high Quantum Light of Source the Angelic Realm Ascended Masters.

When you raise your vibration you will notice a shift in all areas of your life. Wellness and the mind go hand in hand we often become flat and depressed for all sorts of reasons of trauma  loss death of a loved ones sudden of accidents happen so fast it may leave you lost and bewildered.

The shop had many mediations and programs all are about maintaining a health outlook on mind heart and soul. Each recording will clear all the stories and empower you. When you are operating in your own energy you come back online once again.

Feeling well gives you fresh opportunity to grow and prosper.

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Judy Browne

This is not a substitute for medicine but is a complementary treatment

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