NEW Earth Fast Clearing and Grounding

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  • Attract and feel happier
  • Cutting cords
    • Cleansing your energy of others energies and evil eye
    • Clarity Confidence and vitality rach your goals
  • Ground and be in your body to stabilise and to be  fully present
  • This is a Fast Clearing your Field 
  • Brought through by Spirit to support us in the fastest way to start your day or when you go to bed at night. You will also be supported by Light Language to complete the clearing of all distorted energies implants stress overwhelm.
  • Activate your Soul Signature for Intention to Create  with a transmission that will super prepare you to make good decisions moving forward
  • Start and complete each day with  this fast clearing


1 review for NEW Earth Fast Clearing and Grounding

  1. Vee

    Great way to finish the day! Clear and sleep :sleeping: well!

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