• DNA Genetic Bloodline of your Ancestral Blood Line of mum and dads side of the family tree.
  •  Upgrade to support you your gut health
  •  Creating healthy Microbiome
  • Gain control  and wellness with a new new alignment
  • Freedom / Confidence

Digestive Health – A New Sacred Activations

  • Wellness is a priority and this months meditation is digestion
  • Health working with the first three chakras.on the body and looking at the stress anxiety and how this is playing out in your body commonly called gut health.
  • This activation is a big one looking at IBS Constipation Loose Stools Lower back pain Lack of Finances Exhaustion &  your Family Tribe.
  • When we work with the root chakra it is like the motherboard of the body and works with the brain to keep the flow. When you are out of alignment and we are all having symptoms of stress lack of sleep as we journey back into life.
  • If you have COVID or have experienced the virus it is  also putting a strain on your body as well not forgetting the bodies are wanting circulation boost. It is interesting times and it seems we are experiencing these strong energies for some time to come meaning many years.



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