Activating Your Rainbow Radiant Circuit

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Activate Your Radiant Rainbow Circuit For Vitality Uplifting how you feel within yourself.

  • A powerful meditation to shift how you feel to move forward and heal with this soothing healing
  • Merlin was present to bring in the essence of nature before we entered the Temple of Light to receive the Transmission. It was an honor to bring this through for you / us to support us all in a time of extreme change.
  • Temple healing you are asked to give permission opening your heart to receive the infinite radiant circuit of light decluttering the mind and soul. Your glands are being lit up transformed you inner child releasing old suffering your heart and crown opening up like a thousand petals.
  • A meditation to have in your tool box

Transform your mindset as you let go of resistances while feeling the letting go of what has held you back.

Once integrated you will feel calmer more confident and able to make better choices.

Your “Vitality” and your energy levels are important for your successes you will notice you are managing life more simply subtly different that brings you more harmony.

Enjoy 💗

Judy Browne

Mind Soul Wellness

Activating your Rainbow Radiant Circuit activation your relationship of pure radiance and mastery.

You must be clear of the heavy cloak before the radiant circuit can be fully activated.

The vibration of water very present holding space while you let go of heaviness of your ancestral blood line that blocks your purpose from unfolding forgiving those that came before all of us.
Imagine your surrounded by the holy ones and all “ The Team” we acknowledge the Guardians stepping forward  with the radiant sacred geometry disc that will support your healing and the beautiful Sirius Crystalline Chamber Star Healing. You are invited to come closer to receive and asked to intend to go deep in the first stage of releasing the old energies that are likens to peeling an onion layer upon layer  old programs stories woundings betrayal fear and all you are able to let go of at this time that block your radiant circuit.
This is described as  a pink translucent pale blue rose gold sacred geometry disc that appears under your feet.

A lift appears you press the beautiful heart button as you feel yourself being taken higher you also notice the radiant  infinite love surrounding us all and calm stillness.
As this lift travels higher releasing you from the old 3D collective releasing stress loss suffering fighting to survive and war.
Dissolving all cords and entanglements freeing you from resistance of the unknown.
Stepping forward along the new path you notice all of your intentions activated while walking along the garden path with bright colours surrounding you to support your healing.
You meet the alchemist Merlin he looks into your eyes and you instantly feel at peace and supported he looks laces his hands on your shoulders and cleanses your whole being and soul.receiving wellness codes to rebalance you your organs and cells the alchemist for fulfilment  and wellbeing

“The message” brought forward  Is to stay balanced use the radiant circuit to activate your own power and grace in these changing times.
Your radiant circuit now brings you a sense of the new vitality peace and a deep sense of equilibrium.

Enjoy,  each time you listen  you will go deeper to release more so you can stand in your Radiant Light 💡

A meditation to have in your tool box.

♥️Judy Browne
    Mind Soul Wellness

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    Bianca Basile

    I just listened to Infinite Radiant Transmission – all I can say is wow, the tingling that I felt in my body and the vision of rays that I saw taking away what is not needed and the same rays appeared again when I received, but this time flowing in an opposite direction (now towards my body)! Judy, you are truly amazing. This is exactly what is needed in these crazy times! Sending lots of love 💕

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