Infinite RAINBOW NATURE Radiance Meditation

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Infinite RAINBOW Radiance Meditation  ~ CALMING

  • A powerful meditation to shift how you feel to move forward and heal with this soothing healing
  • Merlin was present to bring in the essence of nature before we entered the Temple of Light to receive the Transmission. It was an honor to bring this through for you / us to support us all in a time of extreme change.
  • Transform while you listen and sleep at night


Infinite RAINBOW Radiance Meditation ~ CALMING

A soothing calm meditation  activating your infinite radiant circuit traveling deep to release the past being asked and guided to step into a lift to prepare you for full acceptance of this transmission .
  1. Fully unplugging from the world crisis wounding fear and the unknown.
  2. Experience light language toning cutting cords to be 100% prepared to receive this transmission.
  3. Full clearing cutting cords and heavy energies released.
  4. Working with mum and dads blood ancestral lineage clearing respectfully what may be blocking you today. This will support you through 2022 and beyond.
  5. Channelling as always fully comprehensive.
  6. I would like to make a suggestion to listen sitting in a chair to receive more fully ~ before you listen as you fall asleep.

1 review for Infinite RAINBOW NATURE Radiance Meditation

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    Bianca Basile

    I just listened to Infinite Radiant Transmission – all I can say is wow, the tingling that I felt in my body and the vision of rays that I saw taking away what is not needed and the same rays appeared again when I received, but this time flowing in an opposite direction (now towards my body)! Judy, you are truly amazing. This is exactly what is needed in these crazy times! Sending lots of love 💕

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