Fulfilling Love Relationships

Fulfilling Love In Relationships

Love is the greatest healer of all time when we love ourselves we change our world our life.

Attracting a partner and having happy relationships starts with self love
Inner child healing
Soul mate

Considering we have relationships with every one not in the sense of marriage / between two people as this and family love is different to the outside world.

Love changes everything love heals is we can be in a place of forgiveness the change is rapid. If not the journey is slower letting go of pain and being stubborn can result in disease.

My team have said in sessions if we don’t have your trust / permission you cannot heal and move forward until you are ready. By holding a grudge you are in fact punishing yourself by stubbornness.

You can in timing of course come to a place of letting go of what has taken place while making it clear you do not condone the actions but no longer wish to carry the burden. This is a process and being wrapped in a blanket of love will bring a safe space forward to feel protected moving forward

Don’t miss out on love and embodiment because you cant let go or forgive.

Food for thought a difficult subject that is also destructive and addictive.

Many blessings,

Judy Browne

Mins Soul Wellness

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