Embodying Sacred Heart


A Sacred and beautiful Journey into your heart that is a deep dive into your life your story and who you are. We are reminded our heart is a temple space of soul that houses the essence of your light and self worth.

A Sacred Activation with transformational energies that will allow you to love yourself deeper than before to create more space and confidence.

Big clearings of old heavy emotions, heavy with what you are experiencing in the NOW as your Higher Self leads the way to heal on all levels of who you are and your unique life.

This is all about holding more light, radiating Light to shine as your Divine Birth Right.
We Released from your ancestral blood line and every part of your soul existence of the beyond to cleanse heal and rejuvenate.

Remember You are Love
You are the Sacred Heart
I embrace my Sacred Heart

Judy Browne and The Team ❤️

Music – Indiemusicbox.com


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