11 11 Gateway Transmission


Happy 11.11Transmission Circle, the high energies are embedded on the audio so intend before you start to receive more Than you could think  is possible to have  the highest experience.

A very powerful Transmission this morning I know you will be receiving a lot through the words and Codings of this transmission.

 Here is  the LINK below to go deeper


**. http://eepurl.com/hM3l8L

If you haven’t been curious about what is not serving you please make some time to delve deeper into the clearings .
When you can write your intentions out and look at what the deal breakers may be this is when you get to the Wisdom Pearl of going deep to enable you to receive more each time you listen.

Many deep clearings using Temple Oils
Sacred Union
Removal of false feminine
Removal false masculine
Purging heavy dense energies
Cleansing of the mental emotion and physical body to enable a restorative healing to support you to bring forward movement in a time of great change.
Setting 2 intentions within the high vibration and launching into creation.
Bringing the NEW into your life.
This is a highly attuned clearing / healing and it was noted you are highly attuned.
Sometimes when we are empaths it can be challenging to stay out of the collective and others energies.
I would recommend listening daily for 7 days and read your intentions daily.

Grounding and anchoring.
Nurture you

Judy Browne
Mind Soul Wellness




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