Golden Amethyst Transmission

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The Golden Amethyst Transmission

  • Heart healing  freeing the Soul Healing
  • Your Higher Self Connection
  • Releasing the past
  • Crystal Code Healing
  • Soul Healing revitalising and shifting you to heal on all levels of your self
  • Powerful Amethyst Crystal healing


  • The Golden Amethyst Transmission
  • A powerful meditation using the crystal codes of Golden Amethyst that makes this a powerful transmission.
  • When working with your higher self leading the way you will always receive exactly what your soul path requires to achieve your highest outcome Calling in my Team of Holy ones of the purest light you are held in purity to guide you into your future that is fresh and vibrant.
  • The channeled wisdom brought to us was the highest time line for you at this time. To be Free to Trust to Surrender to infinite possibilities
  • We called in the assistance of
  • Essence of Air
  • Essence of Fire
  • Essence of Water




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    Judy accidentally hit 3 stars for wat was meant to be 5 star rating as it was an amazing workshop :relaxed: :heart: Mellie

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