• A Meditation Transmission
  • Let go of old wounds. and trauma
  • Deep  Healing with Jesus and Mary Magdalene
  • Receive a powerful healing from Jesus,  hear the message from Mary Magdalene and joins your soul  – Hiros Gamos
  • Balance and harmonise with the divine feminine Divine Masulinne  for a tune up and alignment of love.
A Meditation Journey
  • Experience deep clearings of very old wounds. We go deep with Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the Christ Consciousness  Template of Light
  • .Temple Oils were used to set the sacred field for receiving.
  • Receive a powerful clearing from Jesus and hear the message as Mary Magdalene completes and joins for soul Hiros Gamos of Sacred  Union that always starts with self then to amplify your loving partnerships.
  • Set 2 powerful intentions that are blessed by the holy ones.
  • Receive an attunement from Mary Magdalene for amplified expansion of the heart opening.


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