Virus Clearing Support

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Viral  Clearing Transmission Support

This energetic clearing is both educational and a session within the Crystalline Healing Chamber.

Firstly this is for everyone that is prepared to stay energetically well waxed or not.

“You are the creator of your reality” and with what is taking place worldwide with the pandemic stress pressure and lockdowns are a big concern and I wanted to bring forward something that would support you both mind and physical body.



What will you receive?

  • Clearing Miasma – a disease carrier
  • Mucus Clouds clearing 2 3  4 levels of the Auric fields
  • Spinal Clearing
  • Clearing Chakras Attachments Negativity Stress
  • This transmission will support your body and mind of toxins viruses parasites bacteria and bring forward energetic supplements
  • Cleansing Chakras and energetic restructuring your centres to hold more light
  • Releasing over shedding of vaccinations both for you or those that have.
  • Working with the DNA RNA to cleanse and remove intrusions.
  • Removing mucus and astral objects from energy fields 1 2 3  4
  • Ketheric Template repairing rips tears and surrounding with golden light codes
  • Know what your body wants Re supplements + what will support you if you do test positive for the virus.
  • Align the body Hertz frequency – Shuman Resonance for heart and earth cohesion 
  • Receive a suggested tool to gain more clarity
  • Resetting electromagnetic field
  • Addressing Spike protein
  • Activating the super immune system
  • Clearing and restoring Brain, Lungs, Ears, Throat, Sinuses, Kidneys, Ovaries, Testes – main areas affected.
  • Releasing Mind Control Media Judgement etc
  • Anchoring and Sealing with pink and golden Ultra Light Plasma Codes – Grounding
  • Suggested listening is daily for 6 – 7 days
  • Listen 7 days prior to vaccination and 7 days after
  • Can be listened to on silent or while walking.
  • Suggested and important to listen twice sitting up to really absorb and listen to the words
  • Use as a tool for wellness and when intuitively guided. Can be used on silent in children’s rooms.
  • Blessings of Wellness and sovereignty to you and your family, Mind Soul Wellness  ✨Judy Browne

2 reviews for Virus Clearing Support

  1. Kellie

    This incredible transmission I cannot recommend highly enough!!
    This has supported myself and my family for quite some time during this crazy time.

    It has helped clear my space each day…

    I have also recommend this to lots of my clients .. it has been so amazing for them too !!

  2. Mimi Haddad

    It has been incredibly powerful and comforting having this recording on hand to use regularly when out and about. It has supported my process and I’m still using it as a powerful backup in these times of uncertainty. Highly recommend.
    Thank you so much xoxox

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