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In Sequence opening the door to a deeper connection to all that you are.

Listen and intend to shift and to go deeper to experience your uniqueness knowing you are safe to receive 🙏

Each body is lighting up your essence

  • The Physical body
  • The Subtle body
  • The Astral body
  • The Mental body
  •  The Causal body
  •  The Buddhic body
  • The Atmic * Monadic * Holy Trinity bodies of Light Radiance.

Listen many times until you feel complete and integrated.

When you listen down the track you will experience a deepening.


♥️ Judy Browne

Mind Soul Wellness


Sacred Activation’s – Tree Of Life

Total Body Connection – Clearing Healing Deactivating to bring in transformation for wellness. Working with the organs and cells for vitality. Unplugging from the Collective world wounding and how the body is coping with the changes worldwide.

  • 7 Sacred Seals for a powerful session to shift wounding trauma past life heart breaks and going into whats taking place in this journey from lack to limitations fear and old coping devices that hold you back. Raise your vibration to attract and manifest a better and happier life. 2020 is the beginning of a world awakening that affects us all through collective wounding.
  • Set yourself free to Co Create with Ease and Grace a powerful meditation.
  • Receive THE SACRED ACTIVATION – THE TREE OF LIFE – rejuvenates supports mental clarity to create.
  • Full TOTAL BODY RECONNECTION- Supports the conscious mind health DNA Genetic LINE Ancestral blood line
  • De activate to bring forward transformation mind body and soul stepping up in a new way moving forward releasing pain stuckness fear and shock – unplugging from the collective of fear
  • Receive Crystal Healing for speed of integration
  • Full preparation from GAIA to receive the seals
  • Receive waves of light and calm to navigate each transmission
  • 1 st SACRED SEAL – PHYSICAl body – quality allowing
  • 2nd SACRED SEAL – EMOTIONAl BODY – quality release  denial
  • 3rd SACRED SEAL – MENTAl body – quality RADIATING  universal love – letting go of shame
  • 4th SACRED SEAL – SOUL Wound Rejection – quality to be free
  • 5th SACRED SEAL HEART – quality forgiveness letting go of guilt
  • Receive crystal healing harmonics
  • 6th SACRED SEAL – HIGHER SELF – quality truth letting go of separation
  • 7 SACRED SEAL – HOLY TRINITY – quality divine will – unity
  • All body systems reset
  • RE –
  • Calibration
  • Rejuvenation
  • COMPLETION STAR OF DAVID TRANSMISSION – 12 th Dimensional shielding and grounding.

A powerful transmission to awaken to uplift you with freedom love and joy.

See your intuition as your new superpower!


♥️ Judy Browne

Mind Soul Wellness








6 reviews for 7 Sacred Seals To AWAKEN TRANSFORM

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    I found this workshop very good. I have learnt a very powerful modality that has given me the confidence to not only clear and heal myself but also others. The workshop was very uplifting and grounding.

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    Rose Quartz, Ocean Grove.

    I have had an amazing weekend with Judy and 5 other beautiful souls I would highly recommend anyone considering to become a practitioner to do this course. The energy and healing is so rewarding and powerful high frequency creating massive change on so many levels. Thank you so much Judy for holding the space and for all transformation that took place for all of us. Love and blessings always. :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

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    Judy is a great facilitator who spent time with each of us when necessary. Wonderful workshop and I can’t wait to use all that I’ve learnt. The energy between the participants was awesome. Thank you Judy.

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    Wow, what an incredible weekend, it was very healing, uplifting and full of possibilities. I received incredible healing as well as receiving the gift of being able to heal others.
    Judy is so humble and a beacon of light, she touched my heart and had a group of amazing people who were such a joy to work with. Thank you Judy for bringing forth such a brilliant course. Much love MImi xox

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    This weekend was mind blowing for me. It was transformative on so many different levels. I’ve not only learnt how to do sacred activations in this course, but felt its transformative power on myself. Thank you Judy for making this course available to us. I will forever be thankful to you and the girls for releasing me of baggage that I never knew could be lifted. I feel 100 kilos lighter. Many blessings, love and light to you.

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    Carmelina P.

    Much gratitude Judy for a wonderful and transformative workshop. It was great to experience the beautiful energies and teachings. It was a pleasure to experience this with the beautiful souls that were part of this group and once again Judy to have received so much through your amazing facilitation skills and the sharing of your wonderful gifts and knowledge. Much Love Mellie xx

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