Releasing Anxiety Overwhelm Healing

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  • A journey into the why’s of depression stress overwhelm and anxiety
  • Receive a  transmission to deactivate Stress Overwhelm Anxiety.
  • Depression  releasing through sacred process at the core of the thoughts feelings and emotions
  • Clearing emotional  programs  through the  conscious mind, subconscious  genetic and DNA of the family blood line.
  • Feel free and uplifted as you let go to receive
  • Listen while walking in nature or when you go to bed at night if you fall asleep your subconscious will receive and the healing will continue.
  • It is always recommended to listen sitting straight in a chair to listen and learn from what is coming through to be released. This in turn allows you to trust in the process.
  • Chronic symptoms may require a 1.1 private session to go deeper to get more clarity to the root cause.
  • All meditations retain the energies that are embedded in the audio


Releasing Stress Anxiety Overwhelm Healing

A journey into the why’s of depression stress overwhelm and anxiety and activating a transmission to deactivate Stress Overwhelm Anxiety Depression  releasing through sacred process of the core of the thoughts feelings emotions through  clearing the conscious mind, subconscious  genetic and DNA of the family blood line of your mother and fathers side.

Timelines past lives and unplugging from the humanities woundings.
New scripts to support the process to allow a sense of safety during the 
  • Process of Surrender letting  of depression and anxiety to CHANGE THE WAY MOVING FORWARD

  • Sacred Activations – Family Constellation 

  • Clearing anger resentment and guilt towards family. Supporting you to be more  able to forgive for hurtful actions or words to forgive to move on to receive more love

  • Polar Opposite – Clearing the neural pathways of u the brain of conditional love to replace negative pathways within the mind to support the healing process.

  • Metatron and Metatrayia holding space while healing the old wounds.

  • Nothing to do but relax and receive. Don’t get caught up in the words just let go 

  • This is a tool to use daily until you feel a shift in how you are feeling

Completing with blessing from Goddess Mertatraya to anchor you into peace calm and stillness to become the observer.

Each time you listen to this meditation you will go deeper to release the core of what has taken place. Before you listen Affirm you are ready to let go of your resistance knowing you are held in a sacred container.

By working on your consciousness you will know when you are feeling upset this is the time to leave where you are if you can and do some breath work and affirm you have this. I am Safe

Music-Christopher Lloyd Clarke – Shine

1 review for Releasing Anxiety Overwhelm Healing

  1. Avatar

    Thank you so much

    Hi Judy.
    Great meditation quick and easy to listen Cleared a few things that have been stuck. feeling different about life and all the good things that are now ready to come into my life.
    Many thanks once again for providing the tools for a better life
    M xxx

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