New Breaking Free Of Grief and Loss

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Letting go of stress and exhaustion
balancing your body to heal
To revive
To heal
To rejuvenate on all levels
Transmuting pain in the back or anywhere.
If a medical episode happened it was fast with not much preparation the love codes will support you to be back in your heart with waves of healing energies.

As we complete you are invited to  open the door of sacred communication bring your loved one in to say hello I love you have time to connect it may be a feeling , vision a message.

I run silently the Forgiveness  prayer Ho’oponopono “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you Thank you.

Covering all aspects of how you are feeling for a speedy recovery.
You receive a message a tool to support you daily.

♥️ Judy Browne

Mind Soul Wellness

Breaking free of grief returning to grace to heal meditation a journey of self discovery.

A deep dive to heal the deepest part of your losses and grief.
You are surrounded by “the team” to bring you back into harmony the essence of grace while letting go of all that has been your journey.

This may be loss or death
A medical episode 
Career that may have ended and you are looking at new ways moving forward to earn an income.

Taking you into the deepest part of your heart while trusting you are safe to let go of the loss leaving shock within your entire mental emotional physical body.
We journey together to give permission to love who you are and you are being held in a cocoon a sacred container to bring you back into the resonance of remembering the wonderful memories you shared.
Once you acknowledge how you feel this is the time you can start to heal.
Your higher self is with you and each time you listen you will go deeper.
We will go into the soul heart and mind to support you.
Giving permission to be free and know you are being held within a circle of radiant angels kneeling and bowing with their hand in prayer position.
Receive a beautiful heart transmission like a rainbow bridge to rebirth allowing your tears to set you free while being full held and supported.

Music Permissions : Emerald Heart Ascension 538Htz Source Vibrations

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    Lovely to have support through our loss of a family member and fur baby within a short window.

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