Akashic Record Soul Map Reading


Akashic Record Soul Map Reading and Healing –  Elevate your spirit and empower your Soul with Judy Browne – Mind Soul Wellness

Opening your Akashic  Records is a sacred journey your soul wishes to support you in this great evolution of awakening we are all experiencing. We are being urged to up level through the Ascension process simply wisely and it’s at choice point for us all to connect on a deeper more connected level.

Replay is sent out  for you to listen at your leisure

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Akashic Record Soul Map Reading and Healing

When we come together we invoke the highest  light of Source God Creator and universal oneness .

We will open with a prayer of intention I will encourage you to ask your soul whats happening in a certain areas of your life to uncover truth this allows us to journey the journey deeper. A recent reading i facilitated around illness was taken back to pre birth the healing was massive and the results impressive. You will always receive the knowledge you are ready to hear and witness. It is often said ” we nerver get more than we can handle” this being said it can be a surprise  with the revelations brought forwad  usually soul will show you what you have taken on as your truth that is often a program or false light running in the background. This is an enlightening and freeing experience.


Your journey begins  bringing forward your full name many times

During our sacred time together your records unlock to reveal more into what is hidden and healing will organically occur through Soul, she / he wants you to unlock the why’s and what’s blocking your pathway to greatness  good health finances and more.

Once Open the channelling will begin bringing forward   your  Higher Self  6th Dimensional or higher Soul Awareness.

Tarot  – Goddess Oracle Cards will validate

Time to chat about how you are feeling and when complete a prayer is brought forward for you to safely secure  your akashic records.

Each reading is a unique process for you as you are the only one that has travelled your journey path and this is why it is called a soul map reading

Replay is sent out  for you to listen at your leisure