Sacred Womens Massage


Sacred Womens Massage is back !

Booking a massage is time to embrace time for yourself as a mum or a career woman combining both is a juggling act  to stay calm and balanced. Working at a computer or  at a desk puts pressure on the neck shoulders and lower back not forgetting hands and arms it all has an impact and cause pain when the muscles become tight and rigid

Welcome to your massage enter a sacred space that is warm with soft lighting salt lamps and beautiful music. If this sounds good come in and experience a “Judy” massage that will take you deep into relaxation as the energy gently calms and realigns you back feeling new and revitalised


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 Sacred Women’s Massage is back!

Booking a massage is a wonderful  calm way to release tension stress and tight muscles use the booking calendar to book a time to to relax and nurture. Your massage may include Remedial massage techniques Shiatsu or Chinese Cupping.

When you enter a sacred space and feel comfortable you let go and relax

Your massage will be a 1 hour appointment and a full consultation before we begin

Receive beautiful healing energies of pure love of the divine to balance and realign