Why I do what I do ?

I am so committed to helping you step into your gifts, but the journey for me to arrive at this place as a teacher, mentor and healer has been a long and winding journey. Today I want to share with you a little about my personal journey and share with you a little around Why […]

Awareness and Seeing Signs of Manifestation

Conscious Signs of Manifestion When we set Intentions for our goals and wishes we get excited and inspired about what we are wanting to set up or bring into our lives . We all have times when we are wanting to create the new as we are on a journey of creating the best possible […]

Grounding Feeling Safe and Secure

The Importance and Reasoning behind GROUNDING When we work on ourselves to  be the best version of who we are we often forget the post important aspect of who we are and who we are becoming.   We love working with high energies or frequencies as it feels so good in fact its delicious and blissful […]

Rituals to Change feeling stressed and overwhelmed

 How to set up Sacred  Space when in  stress and overwhelm In these times of great change we are often so busy and time poor that we forget about the most important person . Who you may well ask     …….   and yes it’s YOU ! In today’s world our lives are often filled  with long […]

Managing Energy Shifts and Why ?

Up Levelling Symptoms and tips on Nurturing YOU Let’s look at how energy can affect us and this means when you have an Alignment Session with me or what’s happening as we receive the energies that are pouring onto the planet at this time. This has been happening since the late 1980’s. So lets look […]

Ritual Celebrate NEW YEAR

“End of the Year  Ritual “    ….. With the completion of any year now behind us it’s now time to look back and acknowledge all  you experienced and yes all of the successes and what wasn’t .  It is so important to remember as we quickly forget the growth that has taken place as […]

Sacred Activations

                    Transformational Sacred Activations Have you noticed just how much information we have to work though to get answers quickly? I  know I  have so I’m writing this blog for you so you  have a  better understanding  of  the  Session work I am bringing through at […]