Energy Change

ENERGY CHANGES MASTER DAY OF 11 CREATING A SHIFT IN AWARENESS THAT IS MORE ALIGNED AND EASIER. ‘The New Road Ahead’ Image – UnSplash Gary Homer As we move out of November the last day the 30th is a Master day and will slow us down to focus on what we are looking to change. […]

Symptoms Ascension

Navigating Symptoms after Sacred Activations     So lets look at whats happening and why and how we can handle and take care of ourselves when going through integration . We are all at different stages on this spiritual journey. Some are unaware and sale through life the best they can while others like US […]


  Meditation can change everything in your life from fatigue and anger to how you view the world.  The name meditation comes from the Latin word “Medium” which means “To Ponder”. This powerful practice has been used since before the 12th century no one knows how it came about. It possibly has a religious context […]

Shine Your Light

Shine Your Light Written by Judy Anne Browne Have you ever heard people say to be confident and don’t let anyone dim your Light? Well, more than ever you are having to be more vigilant in what you say and do with the world feeling the effects of negativity and becoming more stressed and overwhelmed […]

Navigating Life

Navigating Life Changing Definition Replace ( Something) with something else especially of the same kind that is  newer or better,  to act process or result to changing such as alteration is change transformation, to transform or convert. Reversal evolve innovation development  Navigating life currently with so many rapid changes happening daily influences how we feel […]

The Definition Change

  This is a big topic as we are all going through a lot of extreme change since the Pandemic. Today I  would like to support personal development something you can start right now. A simple process that changed my life when my children were small I  had very little time to myself. Stress was […]