House and Property Clearings


Houses and properties carry energies that can be heavy and creating loss and health issues

  • Family challenges divorce and unfair things happening all of the time
  • Stress and anxiety and feeling like your on a hamster wheel going around in circled
  • Children having constant nightmares
  • Money just seems to come in and go just as quickly
  • Pets acting strangely or aggressive
  • Clearings are transformational and love and grace and financial flow with take place. Sleep peacefully at night

Have you ever noticed a heavy, tense feeling in a house or a particular room? It is just a feeling that something’s not right or it may be cold or your pets won’t go into that area?

  • Clearings are beneficial when selling the property to enhance the Abundance/ Prosperity .
  • Working on the spirit of the house will lift the vibration and feel happier and more inviting and energised.
  • The owner’s journey will reflect to the spirit of the house – it is like universal law. I can walk past a house and sense whether it is in ‘lack’ or not.
  • To me it is like it is sitting in a heavy cloud of pain / abandonment or exhaustion.





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