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Mastering who I AM Mastering Who I AM is when we ponder life with all the twists and changes, we navigate our informative years to become significant adults! We go through so many stages of growing up we become sponges when young learning from what we see and feel and of course our connection genetically both […]


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Wellness And Aging EMBRACING NATURAL BEAUTY  we all want to stay and look forever young! Yes, society has placed us all in a glass bowl of the beauty and age misconception. I hear you agreeing with me. It starts when we are young and continues until we realise age is just a number and let’s […]


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Empowering  Financial Magnetism meditation is here to support you  clear obstacles that block your money and responsible  ways of handling money without feeing your missing out. Powerful clearings to  get to the root of the wall that keeps you from manifesting workidedeg with the consios mind sub conscios genetic DNA of  your ancestal blood line […]