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Mastering who I AM

Mastering Who I AM is when we ponder life with all the twists and changes, we navigate our informative years to become significant adults!
We go through so many stages of growing up we become sponges when young learning from what we see and feel and of course our connection genetically both on mum and dads ancestral line. Who would have thought we would be influenced by what we cannot see? In my many years as an Intuitive Healer and Wise Woman  but I have so much  validation time and again that we inherit from those before us but also on a subconscious level we think thats our lot!  Yes that what we believe but again sometimes it’s not recognised. An example would be so many have genetically been known to carry the cancer gene so we take it on that is “us” and somehow we put our hand up. It is well worth checking if you have programs that say “yes” I’m  subscribed to what mum and dad have /had even though I don’t want it.

Remember the mind programs are so very powerful. I myself recently discovered I had signed up fort a few genetic weaknesses that were in my family. Yes if I’m honest I was worried/ scared it would be me too. So I have gone through my protocole that I use which is called Forensic Healing, this allows me to scan your system to see what is showing up. This is a very powerful practice and has shown me a way to help people quickly. You have to be ready to commit to letting go and be able to trust the process as it can be quick for some but for others in can take time to release from the resistance and so much more.

Slowing down and allowing space to delve into what is not flowing as you would like is essential.
Reflecting on the growth of what may not have worked out the way you imagined. When you are open to receive the gift of time to look and create this allows you space to open up.

It is easy to ignore the symptoms we often feel and push down or ignore how the mind and body are screaming at us which usually results in pain, exhaustion or depression or yes all of the above!
Yes, it’s a tuff gig when this process opens up without you saying I’m ready. You see this is how our brilliant vehicle we call the physical body responds.

We were  all created brilliantly, but the brain signals when something is out of kilter and create pain so we stop and look. Fear and trauma will shut us down, and self-esteem will affect our finances and relationships.
The most important aspect here is our relationship with ourselves.

Firstly, the recognition ‘we want more’ and why?

This question is the core of what it’s all about turning on the switch for willingness to change and step into a new choice of something of higher vibration that can shift your life. It’s about being accountable and taking responsibility to say ‘yes’ to the belief you are supported and safe on this new journey.

While shifting old beliefs that often are family orientated, releasing trigger core beliefs that raise their heads every few years like a repeat cycle to the critical point to releasing the old to enable a shift.

>Mastering you is precisely that, looking at all aspects of who you are to shift your awareness with a full connection. This higher consciousness gives you clarity and focus, resulting in a lighter, happier you.

The process of creating something to value which is all about celebrating yourself.
You are worthy of something even better than what was.
We have heard it all before the key to living your best and happiest life is to embrace yourself and all the beautiful things about you.

However, how do we get there if we have never felt good about ourselves?
I have created a home study Mastering Me Program. Covering every area of who you are to focus on the essential areas of life to create the vitality and passion working on Love, Health, Abundance and Financial Flow to support you in every way.

What is the Outcome for Me?
Firstly, congratulations, getting this far  reading and acknowledging you and saying YES this is the  fullness of the program. Resulting in your enhanced love, openness, the empowerment that creates a free you enabling you to reach for your wildest dreams that are now possible!

A powerhouse of big energetic shifts that are wanting us to step up to something even better. We are all on this journey together.

Are you ready to dive in and CELEBRATE YOU?   Book Your Session Today https://bookings.judyannebrowne.com/


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